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They aren’t British, but they sure like it over there!  Brooklyn Boys aka Luv Dot Gov, are well on their way!  In the tradition of 1990s pop-ska driven sound, with a mix of some good ‘ol Jet, Cake, and Weezer like feels and grooves, you have the band, LUV DOT GOV from Brooklyn, NY.   LUV DOT GOV, a politically named band in an unhappy political time in our country. No matter what your political views are however, a name is only a name and can be easily looked past once you hear these guys in action! Just embrace the sweet happy-go-lucky sounds of their single, “Luv Me Blue,” off of their forthcoming LP.

This band will make you want to get up and dance, and at very least be singing along in your head!  The band’s presence is captivating, commanding, and overall pop-powerful.  These guys are talented and driven for success and are a true, clear sound that you can jam out to in your room or in a long car ride with your best buddies.

The band started out with Matthew Pop (vocals/guitar) and Stevie Seaweeds (drums/vocals) in the summer of 2016.  They have come a long way in only two years.  Just a few months into the fall of 2016, they added the other three members to the band: Sean Eagan (bass guitar), Brandon von Fehr (lead guitar) and Patrick Fischer (keyboard/synth), and Stevie Seaweeds (drums/vocals). Clearly these guys are talented, driven, and ready for rock star fun in the sun for their fans this summer!

Another single you are going to want to check out is the catchy nostalgic song entitled, “At Least We’ve Got This Madness.”  This tune is set to be released on May 18th, so watch out for that one!    The band is set to play during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and soon will be announcing the rest of the UK and US tour dates and more UK dates will be released during the summer in July and August.  If you want to take part in the madness, you need to check these guys out, they are definitely worth it.

Collaboratively, their tunes have melodies that are hopeful, uplifting and pleasant to listen to and just about anyone will appreciate it.  The band’s songs could definitely be used for a spunky romantic comedy film starring a quirky actress like Drew Barrymore or Lisa Kudrow.  In 2017, they left New York, and headed abroad and linked up with Graeme Young a known producer at the Chamber Studio in Edinburg (UK).  This is where they put together their debut album, in 2017.

If you like their sound, then you will want to take this note on your calendar.  Their record release will be at NYC’s The Local on Friday May 18, 2018 at 6pm.  If you are planning to be in NYC during the last days of May, you may want to hop on over and catch some live music.  The band will be playing the entire debut album. Don’t miss the guys from, LUV DOT GOV!


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