Exclusive Interview with Alonzo

There are few artists in the world who convey the kind of emotion and passion that Alonzo exudes from the stage. An accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer and performer, it seems the talents of Alonzo know no bounds. We talked with him about his upcoming DEBUT Release.

Hello Alonzo, tell us more about your yet to be released music. When will it be available?

Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. My new music is an extension of me. Rock Pop Soul is what I like to call it. There will literally be something for everyone on this EP. My Debut Single “Your Medicine” will be available for Pre-Sale on June 27th2019. The Single will then release on all platforms on July 31st2019. I’d really like to encourage the fans to purchase the Pre-Sale because it will help me chart on my Debut. This is my biggest goal. If I can chart on my Debut this will really jumpstart my career.

Where did you record and are you self-produced?

I record in Los Angeles, CA where I also reside. Every song on this project has been produced by one of the most talented human beings I know my good friend and brother ERIC ZAYNE. Eric is the first person in 8 years of me doing music that truly understands me and the sound I’ve been looking for. Huge S/O to Eric Zayne love you brother! Couldn’t have done this without you!

The new video looks very riveting. What can you share with us about the story line?

The music video of “Your Medicine” is about me being the medicine to everything Art, Music, & Entertainment. All I can say is that this video will solidify several things about me. 1. I am here to stay. 2. My talent should not be overlooked & 3. I can compete with the BEST. As an independent artist with a very limited budget I am so proud of this visual. It is truly top quality entertainment and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

We believe that everything is better with music. What is your reason to get in this game and how does music differ from the dancing world as a whole?

Ahhh this is an amazing question. Music saved my life. I was very angry and depressed as a child. When I discovered my passion for dance and singing it was the music that slowly made it fade away. The power that music has is truly magical. It is the only universal form of communication in the world. Music literally has the power to go into someone’s soul and CHANGE how they feel. This is how I know it’s my purpose to empower and spread love through music because the world is forever in need of these healing energies. Often in the regular world I feel out of place but the stage is my natural habitat. It is the only place where I feel strong and connected to source. Being on stage is when I feel closest to GOD. The difference between singing and dancing for me is the feeling I get inside. When I dance, I can release anger but only when I’m singing do I feel powerful enough to make people cry. Dance is my gift. Singing is my superpower.

Any new LA area shows coming up this summer/ fall?

There are several shows and possible tours that we are working to finalize as we speak. Everyone please Subscribe to IamAlonzo.com & Follow me on Instagram @StoryOfAlonzo for exclusive updates!

Thank you for answering our interview questions Alonzo. Looking forward to the new release.

Thank you! So excited!


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