Little Wretches – Red Beets & Horseradish (LP)

Minimalism is hardly the same as coming into a project limited, and The Little Wretches want us to see that in 2022 with their new record Red Beets & Horseradish. It doesn’t take a lot for this band to get together and get a lot of passion generated between them, and this is a case where they could do anything they wanted without detection from others. While we know the truth, it is best to make sure that as many people in the community are able to tell as well.


A blunt lyrical wit is about as essential as anything else nowadays in this style of music, but I will say that tracks like “Old Hundredth,” “It’s Raining” and “Lovingkindness highlight this more than other songs do. There’s never a moment where the words feel bigger than the music or vice versa, and I credit this to the selfless attitude that The Little Wretches seem to have in almost every part of the recording process. Once they get started there really is no substitute for the passion this band puts out there in this release, which is not the minimum standard for this genre or any other right now.

The Little Wretches can play off of some rather classic folk/rock themes in Red Beets & Horseradish that I think listeners are going to be very intrigued by this May, and whether this is a kind of music that you keep up with on a regular basis or not, the jams in this latest release are worth taking a look at. This is energy-driven, highly charismatic songcraft from a source that is just now starting to get a lot of attention from bigger names in the press, and I don’t think it’s going to be the last LP of its kind from this band.

Michael Rand

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