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Jazz rhythms of the swankiest variety find themselves skewed with a sensuous Latin vocal from the likes of Labán in his latest single “Quién da Más,” a cut from the forthcoming albumTodos Somos Dueños de Aquí. “Quién da Más” starts off strong, with Labán wasting no time before laying his seductive vocal on us amidst a backdrop of subtle beats that beg for us to come hither. The music is soft, but the rhythm is vibrant and full of life. We’re hypnotized by the harmony between the bassline and Labán’s stylish croon, and for my money, smooth R&B doesn’t get much better than this.

The strings are perhaps the most potent of all the elements present in “Quién da Más,” romancing the vocal track with a lush texture that is rustic yet cosmopolitan by design. All of the luster that they produce complements the timbre of Labán’s voice and creates a relaxed energy that is impossible to resist. As much as I want to get lost in the robotic gaze of the percussion here, it’s the guitar parts that my attention ends up being constantly drawn back towards. Their resonance lingers in the air long after the song is over, and that’s saying something considering the magic Labán conjures with the mic in his hands.


A bass that is playful and somewhat boisterous in comparison to its counterparts frames “Quién da Más” wonderfully, eluding only slightly to its calculated nature and effortlessly directing the rhythm from the ground-up. I like that Labán  didn’t use a bigger bottom end here, as it allows for us to really focus on the substance of his lyrics, which are poetically woven into the fabric of these beats exquisitely. He gets a lot of credit for his honeysweet voice, but Labán is just as talented at arranging music as he is seasoning it with an immaculate vocal.

Patiently, the percussion struts with a conservative swagger behind the bass, and it never protrudes into the majestic melody. This single was produced meticulously, and for the most part there’s not a single component that overshadows another (except in the case of the prominent harmonies I previously noted). On paper, this isn’t the most compositionally complex song that Labán has ever recorded, but from a critical perspective I think that it’s easily his most thought-provoking and stirring. It gets a reaction out of us on a gut level, and that’s not very common in today’s overwhelmingly conceited pop music.

“Quién da Más” is an addictive song that is among the very best yet from Labán, who continues to assert himself as one of Mexico’s premier vocalists in this single and the intriguing new album that it teases. I’ve been following this artist’s ascent for a hot minute now, and I’m very impressed with what he’s done in this track, which employs his most endearing qualities and amplifies them without descending into excess. This is one of the most compelling pop singles out this winter, and I highly recommend giving it a spin ahead of Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí.


Michael Rand

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