Judith Orloff has made a number of important contributions to empathy

Judith Orloff has made a number of important contributions to the study of empathy and how those with heightened awareness of others’ emotional weather, empaths, can live and function in modern life. Her newest book Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People, provides readers with a comprehensive day by day outline for how empaths can manage their lives in a healthy and fulfilling way. This method aims, as well, to strengthen their daily lives so they may continue to be true to themselves and rejoice in the sensitivity they bring to life and their interactions with others. Orloff accomplishes all of this in an accessible and conversational fashion despite her educational background. I can’t imagine any readers of this book holding the opinion, after they’ve finished, that it is a dry and academic text. Orloff’s Thriving as an Empath engages readers at every turn.

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Some may balk at the relentless positive attitude Orloff’s book gives off, but they are readers ignoring her target audience. Others can gain from reading this book but Orloff aims the text at empaths looking for guidance, in this case the day to day variety, for living healthy and avoiding the trials and tribulations people of great sensitivity often encounter in modern life. She makes this point early on and various sections, or “days”, throughout the text reinforce it. She understands her audience well. She, tellingly, also understands the sort of reader who will reject or dismiss this book and offers empaths valuable advice for dealing with such people.

Building the book as she has gives it unique utility. I advise readers to approach it in traditional fashion from beginning to end, but you do not need to start the book on January 1st to get maximum value and can open it at any point, plunge in, and still realize its potential. Much of this is thanks to the innate clarity of Orloff’s prose. Her academic and professional background proves to be no impediment to establishing a connection with readers; the conversational tone of the book, however, doesn’t preclude intelligence. Instead, it focuses the book’s direction and engages the reader faster than what might have otherwise been possible.

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It is customary for books of this type to contain exercises readers can engage with and Thriving as an Empath is no exception. They are presented in a variety of ways; some are embedded in the text, some are found in the Set Your Intention passages ending each section, and others are featured. These suggestions are grounded in practical practices readers can pick up on and begin implementing when they wish; there’s no build-up required.

Orloff deserves fulsome applause and kudos for authoring a book with profound depth that is, nonetheless, fueled with urgency and capable of connecting with readers of any level. Empaths will find much in these pages that will redirect and reshape their thinking. Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People is an invaluable entry in this subject and will remain relevant for years to come.


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