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The Blendification System: Achieving Potential by Connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution from author Daniel Bruder emphasizes how individual components, when properly orchestrated, add up to a greater whole. The subject is business, but Bruder adopts a different attitude than many writers in this area. Rather than focusing on how to best direct effective leadership, maximize distribution, or other common topics – instead, Bruder’s system posits that combining technology, internal peer groups, and team forums into a synergistic operation whose effects will filter down to the customer experience, experience with corporate peers, and even the connections between community and company. It doesn’t necessarily remake the wheel but does reimagine how to approach modern businesses practices in a fresh and innovative fashion.

The basis of Bruder’s theories springs from many years working as an educator, executive, and CEO for Colorado’s Fusion Dynamics Group. He makes a case for them based on practical application over the years rather than rhetorical flourish. This isn’t an intellectual exercise but rather a fully analytical examination of how comprehensive business practices breed exponential growth. Bruder describes his methodology and ideas with clear prose and manages to make possibly unfamiliar terms familiar for those encountering them for the first time. Context is, naturally, key to this – the language Bruder employs is often self-explanatory in light of the current topic.

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There’s a serious intent naturally underlying the book, but Bruder brings enough personality to bear it softens the dry pedological tones of the text. This never means that Bruder underplays the subject; he has an obvious inclination to tour the success of his system and, instead, lays out the book with a steady sense of self-control and certainty of direction. The Blendification System benefits enormously from strong and linear structure that carries readers through the book in a straight-forward way. Bruder isn’t a writer with an assortment of past credits, so the confidence he demonstrates here is a combination of innate skill and sureness of ideas.

Bruder’s take on what modern businesses can do to gain a competitive edge over their peers is different from your customary business-oriented text. Some may accuse him of looking to build a better mousetrap when an efficient, straight-ahead works as well. Bruder, however, is looking to open new territory that may help a variety of individuals re-envision the possibilities of business rather than continuing to pursue the status quo. We need this pushing of the envelope in all areas of human thought and endeavor, not just business, and Bruder deserves plaudits for being among those leading the way.

This is not a demanding book in terms of length; readers can get through it in a minimum of two sittings. It is a book, however, you can and should return to if you decide to adopt Bruder’s thinking. His writing is, nonetheless, fascinating in noting the evolution of business thinking over the last quarter century. Daniel Bruder’s The Blendification System: Achieving Potential by Connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution is a book that will remain relevant for years to come.

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