Interview: Sidney Hulburd

Hey Sidney! Thank you for taking time to chat with us today. Fill us in on all things in Sidney’s world!

Ohhh, things are super exciting. I just finished writing my first EP, “Wild” so I’m in production mode right now for that!

We are so excited that you not only have a new single coming out called Roots but also a new music video for Somewhere! Big things happening. What is the inspiration behind the video of Somewhere and what hints can you give us about the imagery we will get to see?

Yes, yes! Big things. The video for “Somewhere” is hilarious. My two friends directed it. I met them both intervening at Saturday Night Live. They are very creative people. The concept is basically I get stuck in an elevator with a bunch of random people, then I start day streaming about anywhere else but that elevator… that’s all I will say 🙂

Now on to your next single Roots, how did you decide you would release this next?

Yes! It came out today! I just thought they were similar but different songs so I wanted to release them near each other.

Do you get nervous before you put new material out into the world or is it more exiting to you?

I get nervous to do live shows more than I get nervous to put out material into the world.

Please tell us – do you have plans for an EP or album in 2020? We want the full scoop!

Yes I do! “Wild” will be coming out in late May 2020.

How important is it to you that you write your own music?


Please share with fans where they can connect with you on social media.

All handles are @sidneyhulburd 

End of Interview

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