Interview: Emily V.

Hey Emily! So we saw on IG a throwback modeling photo of you with magenta hair and we loved it! Have you always loved experimenting with different hair/clothing?

Yes!  Since I was a young girl, I was always experimenting with different outfits.  My mom and I also always would change my hair color in the bathroom together.  It was so fun!  I’ve gone through so many hair colors.  When I got into high school, I chopped my hair off completely!  It was about an inch long all over and then of course it was lots of different colors along the way.

Speaking of modeling, we know you are amazing on the violin but you also model? Or is that something you stopped doing in pursuit of music full time?

No, I don’t model and never did.  It has always just been for fun, and part of the creative process of finding out what clothes I love and styles I was into.  

It looks like you have some shows coming up, how do you decide where you would be playing – like choosing which cities

Most of the projects I play have already booked these shows.  I always come along for the ride and just play my best!  I have enjoyed every city I’ve been too.  It’s almost always a new place and wild adventure!

Do you ever make mistakes when performing? How do you handle that?

Of course I do not always play perfect, but it’s all about the recovery!  The way I handle it, is to just keep playing!

What is one song that you play every night no matter what?

It depends on what band I am playing with.  We usually go through phases of songs to always play.  Sometimes, it’s “Paint It Black” by the Stones or “Moonage Daydream” by Bowie, or “Hey Joe” by Hendrix.  

What is on your agenda or what can fans expect to see from you in 2020?

A ton of new shows have been added for this spring and summer coming up!  I am really excited to be playing with lots of great line ups.  You’ll have to check in with my IG to see what’s coming up!  2020 is the year of original music for me to put out as well.  This is very exciting and scary as well.


Tell us some dates you have coming up where fans can come and watch the amazing show!

I have so many shows coming up!  Again, it is best to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s coming up!  


End of Interview

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