“In Spirit and Truth” by Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed brings new meaning to what rock worship can sound like with their latest single “In Spirit and Truth.” This out-of-the-box thinking is a goal that Not Ashamed has to rethink how Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) can sound. Their original tracks often fuse rock and funk with worship music, resulting in an original sound that Not Ashamed has cultivated on their own. “In Spirit and Truth” continues to push the genre with the inclusion of heavy rock melodies and Highland bagpipes, yes, bagpipes. Not Ashamed has found a way to merge the melodic and shrill wails of the bagpipe with the energized singing of the electric guitar to create a robust melody. Set to live drums that makes you feel like you’re in the room with them, “In Spirit and Truth” is a rock worship song like no other.

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“In Spirit and Truth’s” production is truly on another level. The composition of the song seems to be on an ascending axis line. The bagpipes kick this track off with their distinctive sound that serves as a grounding point in “In Spirit and Truth.” While the bagpipes bookend the track, they also support the other instruments by adding an unexpected depth to the track. The bagpipes also serve as a jumping off point for the rest of “In Spirit and Truth.” From the moment the vocals, drums, and guitar come in the song begins to rise in both volume, key, and feeling. By the time the chorus comes this sensation is even more prominent because of the infinite sound that Not Ashamed achieves. Somewhere between lead singer Richard Varno’s voice, the electric guitar, and expert backing vocals (that create an echo effect), “In Spirit and Truth” feels like its being sung to the masses. Varno extends his notes while the melody seems to expand and rise, the result is a chorus that takes your breath away.

What makes “In Spirit and Truth” so compelling and so unique to Not Ashamed is the presumed disconnect between their sound and lyrics. With such enriched lyrics that are rooted in Christian faith it can be hard to understand how an electric guitar could deepen their impact, but it does. “In Spirit and Truth” is a song that proves opposites attract. The otherworldly nature of the electric guitar seems to amplify the spirit of the lyrics in a way that is nothing short of captivating. As Varno sings, “Holy is the lord of all creation/Honor glory and praise unto your name,” the guitars rise and swell amplifying the message of the lyrics. Even the opening lyrics have the ability to transport you somewhere else, “I will worship you, in spirit and truth/I will bless your name, with a sacrifice of praise/Come and search my heart as I seek your face/Help me tell the world about your amazing grace.”

Not Ashamed’s artistry is loud and clear on “In Spirit and Truth” and promises an exciting upcoming album. They have the unique ability of connecting two things you’d think wouldn’t go together but do. Theres an obvious love for music and where it can go “In Spirit and Truth” proves that theory effortlessly. I commend Not Ashamed for their originality and fearlessness in crafting “In Spirit and Truth.” I have never heard a song, even outside of CCM, that sounds remotely like it. Its rare to come across a band that is making unique and completely original music that sounds like nothing else out there. “In Spirit and Truth” indicates an exciting future for Not Ashamed that I cannot wait to hear.

Whether you’re new to the CCM genre or a veteran listener Not Ashamed’s “In Spirit and Truth” is the single for you. “In Spirit and Truth” has the ability to invigorate and uplift you with one listen. It also features one of the best guitar solo’s I’ve heard in a long time. If that’s not enough, “In Spirit and Truth” seems to take your breath by the end of the song every time you listen to it. This track is on another level and you don’t want to miss it!

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