“Hush” by Allocai

Jamaican born Allocai began his musical journey five years ago. Life, until then, set him on a different path. He busied himself in medical school intending to pursue a career helping others but fate intervened when he discovered his father and then-girlfriend were linked romantically – they later married. The fallout devastated Allocai and left him in despair, groping for direction – until his grandmother offered advice. She suggested Allocai exorcise the pain of his betrayal through music. He did so and, after half a decade working at and refining his skills, Allocai abandoned his ideas of a medical career in favor of a musical one, and relocated from his native Jamaica to Los Angeles in order to pursue those ambitions. Another twist developed. Freed by relocating to the more hospitable climes of Southern California, Allocai began confronting long repressed sexual longings and started dated men, eventually finding love.

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His single “Hush” reflects his new found freedom from both pain and secrecy. “Hush” is included on his album Cruelty, a songwriting and musical exploration of the aforementioned events shaping him into who he is today, and meets the standards of a genuine pop gem. The production values driving the song are five star all the way “Hush” achieves and maintains a flawless balance between the musical, vocal, and lyrical elements without favoring one aspect over the others. The song’s running time, as well, is an ideal fit. It is designed in such a way that it would be an effective live number and play well on radio. He doesn’t rely alone on electronic instruments.

There’s a strong musical vein running throughout the track. The drumming and guitar work placed throughout the song encompass two distinct approaches – the orchestral and melodic. Percussion gives the track a strong framework and sets down a groove listeners can ride throughout the whole performance. It gives the song its shape. The guitar work underlines the song’s strongest component, a priceless melody, and never oversteps its boundaries. It serves the song instead and buttresses its core merits.

His vocals have the sort of clarity and warmth lesser singers can only aspire to, but the aspect of his performance that captures my fancy more than anything is his phrasing. Despite some light effects applied to his voice, you can hear the unquestionable commitment Allocai brings to both the music and his message. He knows when to press the musical issue and when to pull back on the reins and, like the music, he tailors his voice and the vocal line to serve the song rather than work against it.

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“Hush” will win over countless converts to Allocai’s talents. It is an excellent choice for a single from the release but works as well as a standalone single – by any measure, this is an excellent opening salvo for what promises to be a long and fruitful journey through the popular music world. Allocai has come a long way from his Jamaican upbringing and medical school tenure. “Hush” shows anyone interested that the world is at his feet and a new chapter has opened bursting with promise.

Michael Rand

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