Faith & Harry’s Highly Anticipated New Original Single “Just Be There” Now Available Worldwide

World Renown sibling duo Faith & Harry have just released their highly anticipated new single “Just Be There.” Available worldwide, support these indie superstars today!

Faith & Harry Rowan are British-Americans and at just 13 & 11 have a heap of accolades to their name. Recording-artists, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, performers and social media stars. The duo in just two years have made their way from classical musicians to professional pop artists.

Their music is a staple on many indie radio stations across the globe. These rising stars are flying high after being voted double nominees in the Josie Music Awards, the largest international indie award show in the world. Held September 8th in Dollywood TN. Whether the Rowan’s win or not they already feel like winners as they’ve turned “you can’t into we are!”

Faith & Harry’s new single “Just Be There” is their fourth release this year, an original tune that is a huge change of pace and style for the duo. Showing their maturity and growth as singers/songwriters/musicians, the lyrics written by Faith tell a story of honest heartache, a loss of friendship, where each word is carefully crafted to tell the event. Her vocals hold emotions unusual for a 13 year old.

Slowing the pace down from the Rowan’s usual “Happy-Go-Lucky” pop songs, allows us to hear Faiths vocal tones including a “raspy soulful sound’ we haven’t heard from the young singer before. The treasure of the song is an a cappella bridge, that 13 year old Faith delivers to tear-jerking effect.

The siblings style is developing into what Harry calls “SJP” a little soul, a little Jazz, and a little pop. Harry’s love for Jazz piano is showcased in this muddy sound, showing great musical abilities for a pre-teen. The young composers have included an upright base into the mix, grounding their sound with deep earthy tones.

Although we can tell this is Faith & Harry, it’s a new more mature duo, ready to take on the adult world of the Music business. “Just Be There” has the feel of a classic, with lyrics that will stand the test of time. With songs like this one, these young musicians are not going to be ignored, because they’re ready to chart.

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