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Hi Kristen Ford! What is shaking up the music industry right now that is getting you excited?

I am pretty stoked about fans engaging on tiktok and Instagram using songs as soundtracks for their own movies. As we get more and more digital and plugged in, I also appreciate the quality of good independent radio stations and the analog experience of listening to a record and flipping the sides. I think we need both. To be global and instant but not lose sight of old school and tangible aspects of music.

How are you shaking up the industry with what YOU have going on?

I think the longer I do music and the older I get (gulp) I am learning to embrace the parts of the job I love and not get too worried about chasing trends. I used to be constantly worried about missing the boat, I’ve had recurring nightmares where I can’t find the stage door (a la spinal tap) or all the strings break on my guitar for an arena show. I think I’m embracing the idea that the fans and industry professionals are as eager to find my music and hear the next unique and awesome thing as I am eager to bring my art to the next level. I have several single releases dropping over February and am stoked to tour nationally this spring and summer in support of my latest full length album “war in the living room” 

What comes with a price when you’re chasing your dreams?

What is the price of not chasing them?

What is a new dream that has sparked your interest that you want to start pursuing?

That’s a funny question. I have so many ideas I sometimes struggle to see them all to fruition. I have a podcast idea I’m marinating on. Can’t say more at the moment!

Consistency is key. What else is the key to your success when you want to start something new?

Right? I think if you feel passionate about something you can follow it through when there are pumps in the road. A sense of purpose and passion is like car shocks for the Tennessee freeway (lol if you drive here you’ll get what I mean).

Aside from professionally, how are you doing personally? Any new updates you want to share with your fans?

Well, this month I lost my grandmother at age 94. She had been playing the organ since she was 13 years old, and continued to play out regularly for nearly 80 years. She is such an inspiration, her legacy is an important reminder to not sweat the small stuff, the material stuff, the ego fluff, it’s so irrelevant in the end. No need to stress. Someday we will pass on and someone else will take care of that desk you’ve been meaning to organize or no one will care how many likes your social media post got. But creativity, connections with other humans, travel, enjoying the moment, we only get one go at that stuff.

Do you compare yourself ever when you look at your peers whether it’s professionally or personally?

Comparison is the thief of joy… sometimes it can be helpful, for example when I raised 20K to make my last album, I compared other artists playing similar venues and with a similar number of followers to see what I could realistically do. But getting too focused on the numbers game, or name dropping, or body shaming, it’s not particularly helpful. I’d rather compare myself to myself! Keep getting more awesome every day.

2022 is just beginning! Excited or exhausted already?

I released “War in the living room” at the very end of 2021, it was a long time coming, and I’m stoked this year to continue releasing videos to go with the record and tour the country, selling out of my first pressing on vinyl!

Who or what is helping you keep the peace with yourself?

I enjoy meditation in the morning, and try to take a little time every day to get outside or do something silly or work out or just relax with a dumb show or a good book. I love to cook delicious and elaborate meals- hence working out is good!

How do we keep up with you?

I would love it if you would give me a follow on youtube, spotify and Instagram. plus all in one my website www.kristenford.com I’m hitting the road, I’m releasing new singles and I’m pretty stoked on my latest album. Lots to dig into!

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