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An eclectic trio born and bred on Long Island, Ramener is a lit match on a pool of gasoline. Fiery solos coupled with flowing grooves, they’ll have you banging your head and moving your feet all night. Formed almost a year to date Ramener sets out to do exactly what the name means- bring back some classic punk and grunge with a fresh and resonant twist. 

What were your musical influences that inspired your new music?

I really loved thrash growing up, any Megadeth or Pantera are some of my favorites. Also some slower heavy stuff like Sabbath I’m also a huge blues fan so some Derek and the Dominos or The Allman Bros definitely inspire me, though you may not hear it in our songs. 

Are there any specific terms you have with yourself to make sure to put out the best version of your music possible? 

We just try to be as authentic as we can. We want our recordings to sound exactly like how they sound when we play it live so we always sound our best. 

How do you magnify what needs to be changed when creating new music?

It generally does not take us too long to write something new, I’ll come up with a hook riff and a chorus and Sam and RIcardo pick it up very smoothly. If anything needs to be altered we can do it on the spot no problems. 

Who helps aid you when you are being too hard on yourself? 

I’m usually not too hard on myself when it comes to music, I love making music and playing it so it’s something that’s therapeutic for me. I’m never hard on myself when playing or creating it. 

Is there anything in terms of your music that may seem too overwhelming? How have you navigated in being able to share the load of your work with others in the process? 

I still run all of the socials and things like that for the band, that at times can be a little overwhelming. We’re looking for people to help us with that, we had one in the past but she went back to school so we’re looking again.

Any burst of creativity that you’re experiencing right now? 

For sure, I recently got into some Deftones albums and have been really digging the whole sound and vibe that they produce, definitely inspiring me to write some cool stuff at the moment. 

How do you keep the fun in your work? 

We always mess around in practice, and we all have really good chemistry musically so if we just wanna jam and have some fun that’s always an option. 

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“Won’t be long till it takes over, in between those two on your shoulders”

URL: linktr.ee/ramener_band

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ramener_band/?hl=en

FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/officialramener/?fref=mentions

APOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1OChA6c6rfT91TbMOzPjaM

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