Esteban Alvarez releases new single

Esteban Alvarez releases new single


The problem with mainstream music right now isn’t that there is a lack of talent in the world. Quite the contrary in fact. The problem is more than major record labels and their corporate affiliates have gotten pretty lazy in producing really great acts. I’ve never been very big on the big, glossy pop moniker. I tend to look underground, because just beneath the surface of the vast ocean of artists that dot our planet’s sonic spectrum lies a secret world or truly pure music that isn’t bound by any rules that the stuff on the top is. Here, music is free to be as creative in design as the limitations of imagination will allow, and artists like Esteban Alvarez reign supreme over all others. Everyone following Latin music right now knows who Esteban is, and his music is becoming the soundtrack to a revolution building within a scene that has been waiting for a messiah like him for what can only be described as far too long.

Esteban has everything that it takes to become a really big star in this industry, and a lot of times when I’m listening to his music, I wonder whether or not he even realizes it. His delivery is always very plaintive, served to us straight up with no chaser, and he doesn’t use a lot of flash or bombastic accessories to catch our attention. He’s comfortable letting his music set the tone, and his music alone is the only focal point of his recordings, as opposed to the fancy cover art of the reputation that his name carries with it (as sterling a reputation as it may be). In his single “Has Amado Una Mujer de Veras,” he doesn’t sound like a man covering a vintage rock song from twenty plus years ago. He sounds like a poet reading from an old script and exploring its narrative’s relation to a modern context. If that is too daunting a concept for you, maybe Esteban is too advanced for you to handle. Most listeners keen on new music however, will likely find it rather electrifying.

“Has Amado Una Mujer de Veras” is the song of the year from the artist of the year, and if you’re questioning my logic in nominating a song that is so deeply rooted in exotic mariachi and Latin influences for such a prized title, then you’re not following where the direction of America’s collective taste is going. Latin music is making a bigger and bolder move towards mainstream success and acceptance right now that makes the Latin explosion of the 1990s look like a watered down run at the title. This generation isn’t going to suffer the same fate as previous ones unfortunately did, and under the watchful eye of Esteban Alvarez, I think the movement is in very safe hands. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, go snag a copy of his new record La Bikina today, and see what every music critic west of Spain can’t seem to stop talking about.


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