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Darrell Kelley has seemingly established his identity as an artist, by drawing attention to cases of potentially gross injustices, with strong, racially motivated overtones. As America still reels from the far reaching and incendiary reverberations of the George Floyd case, tensions remain palpable and flammable. Darrell Kelley is a R&B Singer/Songwriter, who has taken the opportunity to write and record music that is directly inspired by real life incidents, and in some cases, highly disputed verdicts. His new single, “Wasn’t Justified” deals with what happened to Andrew Brown JR, a North Carolina man, who was shot and killed by police. The Elizabeth City Police Department, claims that Andrew was attempting to murder an officer with his car, when he was fatally subdued by gunfire.

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Darrell Kelley uses his soulful backdrop, and vocal layering to tell the story of Andrew Brown JR. Kelly points out all of the facts of the case, including what he feels to be glaring discrepancies, that have remained unanswered for. Darrell Kelley stands with the family of Andrew Brown JR, in the belief that his death could have absolutely been avoided. His music is a tool to bring attention to these incidents that are still occurring, even in the wake of the most high profile ones of a similar nature, that have spotlighted abuses of authority. “Wasn’t Justified” is a smooth listening experience, about rough and unpleasant subject matter.

One look at Darrell Kelley’s official website, and it becomes apparent that he is inordinately devoted to his cause. Tensions towards law enforcement have reached a boiling point, we likely haven’t seen since the 1960’s. It’s important to remember what the catalyst for this contention is. The African American community has found themselves living in fear and a sense of futility, for years. Time and time, again, instances of alleged brutality have been endowed with a considerable amount of provable claims.

Music was once a legitimate impetus for social change, and revolutionary intentions. Darrell Kelley still believes that music is a viable form of progression, and well, we can all hope he is right. There truly is no specific concept to reach a resolution in these situations. For the police to be placed under circumstances, to have to take people’s lives, should be an incredibly rare occurrence. If you threaten the police with anything that even remotely resembles deadly harm, most of us are cognizant enough to know that it will likely be the final intimation, you ever make. So it does become vexing to say the least, that in so many of these instances, these “suspects”, have shown such temerity, with full knowledge that they were tempting fate.

So what does this become a discussion  of then? It should be painfully obvious, why this rapport needs to take place, and perhaps by looking at law enforcement, we are only focusing on one component. It is the courts who perceivably failed Rodney King, and now, Andrew Brown in a much more tragically conclusive fashion. “Wasn’t Justified” is a good song, that you should enjoy and appreciate Darrell Kelley’s talent and vision, by listening to. By supporting, endorsing, and promoting the track,  though, you can quite possibly be a part of the force that ultimately, brings justice and change.

Michael Rand

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