World-Renowned Business Consultant Chauncey Bell Releases Highly Anticipated New Book “Mobilize!: Dancing In The World”

World-Renowned business consultant Chauncey Bell has just released volume one of his highly anticipated book series entitled “Mobilize!: Dancing In The World” to rave reviews. 

“We human beings confront our greatest challenges in moments of extraordinary change, as we are experiencing in response to a global pandemic and recession, dramatic shifts in our governance, living and working environments. In such moments, we are called upon to build new skills for observing our worlds and constructing new practices. New worlds emerge as new ways of listening, observing, and acting become visible. Mobilize! Dancing in the World is about the practice of building new practices. New practices, in effect new ways of dancing in the world, bring new worlds. In our schools of business and administration people learn about management (keeping things stable), leadership (creating new instabilities), innovation (creating new stuff), and ‘change management,’ which is about keeping the ship afloat while in the midst of change. Building new practices requires skill in each of these disciplines. Yet it is not the same as, nor can it be replaced by, any one or all of them together.” – Chauncey Bell 

The stark simplicity and pragmatism the reader will find in this book have altered worlds, enterprises, and the lives of countless people. This and subsequent volumes in the Mobilize! series are written for those responsible for the future of our enterprises. For more than 40 years Chauncey Bell has led design and development projects spanning diverse industries from computers, digital networking, semiconductors, wholesale and retail banking, utilities, finance, manufacturing, and the public sector. The reader will find here maps and practical structures for observing, acting, and building skills and sensibilities for leading and participating in a wide range of programs, institutions, and worlds.

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