William Ammerman’s “The Invisible Brand”

A growing subsection in business oriented non-fiction relates to the increasing importance of cutting edge technologies in our modern world. William Ammerman’s The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning is the latest entry covering these bases and rates among the most effective yet. Ammerman draws upon extensive experience researching and working within the digital world as well as a keen understanding of human nature that lends further merit to his ideas. He has an obvious passion for the subject that distinguishes The Invisible Brand from many other similar works and makes that clear directly and otherwise throughout the book.

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Ammerman’s book shares some characteristics with other writing in the area. He is sounding many of the same alarm bells about the impact advancing technology will have on our every facet of human experience. Some come down on one side of the fence or the other, but Ammerman retains an unique humanist perspective throughout the entirety of the book. One aspect of the work’s tone is how Ammerman wanting to bring us face to face with possibilities so we are better informed about what we potentially face in coming years.

His analysis is never shallow. Ammerman never stops at a superficial assessment of the issues; one key example of this is how he writes extensively about how human nature dictates certain inalterable truths about our capacity for connecting with machines. Ammerman surveys the evolution of branding with an obvious command of history. He introduces a bevy of specialized terms that might confound some readers, but another of the uniform strengths helping to set The Invisible Brand apart is how Ammerman makes the unwieldy readily comprehensible to possible layman readers while never boring more knowledgeable ones.

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You cannot help but admire the way Ammerman builds his work. The same step by step approach in appreciating how much technology will alter the nature of messaging and marketing shapes the overarching design for The Invisible Brand. There will never be any sense of feeling of being cheated when you conclude reading this book – his comprehensive take on the subject leaves no stone unturned and invites interested readers to return and explore its depth again.

Our changing times need voices talking about difficult paradigm shifts looming for humanity. Ammerman isn’t overreaching when he, essentially, reaches the conclusion again and again that nothing about what it means to be human and how we relate to consciousness will be the same as technology assumes greater primacy in modern life. The Invisible Brand takes us into the heart of one major theater in this ongoing campaign and wrestles with the scale and implications of these changes as well as anyone can hope for. Let’s hope this isn’t Ammerman’s last word on the subject and, in coming years, we will benefit from his take on future changes and where our instinct for discovery is leading us as a species. The Invisible Brand provides ample evidence of how much he has to offer us all.

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