“The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing” by Jim Ewel

Artificial intelligence offers marketers options never recognized before. Transform your organization using agile principles and a proven framework – based on Ewel’s new book.

Peter Francis of Global Growth at Qualtrics, said, “There are two kinds of marketers today – those who have embraced the shift to rapid iteration and an outcome orientation (in a word: AGILE), and those who are learning the hard way by being outplayed in the market. Jim Ewel has written a masterclass in Agile adoption, distilled from years of coaching growth organizations of all sizes through the transition.”

Therein the methodology that revolutionized the world of software development. And why not accept this new expanded realm of marketing to now and beyond. This simple set of principles, now in high-demand, punctuates the process of collaboration in so many industries today. Why?

In this wave of new-ideas, agile marketing is a fast-paced push to the finish line, designed to pursue long-term strategic change visa vie reimagining the industrial approach to marketing. Using this clear framework to pivot from old-thinking to this new age premier methodology streamlines the approach through six disciplines that cultivate the four essential organizational shifts that must occur to adapt to new normal market environments.

MORE ON AGILE MARKETING STRATEGIES: https://www.agilemarketing.net/disciplines-agile-marketing/

In this book, I found one particular dynamic relevant to my own customer-centric business process as an entrepreneur. Working from home, I felt empowered by the concept of removing myself from the business/office, and getting out of the box. A champion of the customer’s voice, I wanted to market directly to THAT voice, so I was enamored with an opportunity to see how it is recommended by the big corporate trainers. Gaining feedback from my customers in a regular and planned way, means more to me than just continuing to push my marketing game. These touchpoints reveal strong values and a digital data concept that makes sense in my business realm.

If I can pull content from a book that benefits my business, others should be able to also gain, gather quantitative data, and validate their experiences in similar ways. This book offers insights into smaller business options, but I did find them satisfyingly illuminating.

Ewel reminded me that when you have customer feedback, it is extremely important to act on that information and follow through with service to your customer. As new-agey as the book appeared in the earlier pages, these disciplines on agile marketing ideas brought a wholesomeness to the new way forward presented within.

BARNES AND NOBLE: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-six-disciplines-of-agile-marketing-jim-ewel/1137671812

The customer focus of agile marketing brings the role of the business owner to the center of the deal, instead of leaving them outside the realm of marketing. I do like that process, and appreciated the insight along the journey of reading this book. I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to delve into customer centric marketing in the future.

Kendall Townsend

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