The Guitar & Whiskey Club bring back the Rock n’ Roll Mojo!

Looking for a rock song drenched in rock guitars and pounding percussion? How about a smooth rocker with female vocals? Look no further the band The Guitar & Whiskey Club has released its debut single, “Flies Like Whiskey”. Like moths to the flame, fans of the classic rock sound flavored with 80s and 70s rock riffs, will gravitate towards this catchy tune.

It’s not entirely fair to call this sound ‘throwback’. The Guitar & Whiskey Club certainly has glimpses of retro-melodic guitar riffs so common in the 80s hair metal days, but they do it in a fun way that doesn’t tread too far into nostalgia waters. I think the arrangements guitarists Seen Robinson and Jefferey Donovan present accompanied with vocalist Jennifer is more interesting. Rhythmically the additional work of drummer Bob Sickels and bassist Scott Smith factors in another completely tight sound. The song is fresh and exciting. I think because it’s rock, people will compare it to other previous works. I also think because this band is predominantly a live band performing originals and covers, they have achieved bringing in the energy of the live performances into the studio.


What does feel real, and very sincere is the appreciation for the genre. Wylde isn’t a rip-off of Pat Benatar or Nancy Wilson – she’s quite in her own space when she’s singing “that’s when I knew, knew it was true, flies like whiskey too”. She’s got a little bit of spice, a smidge of spunk in her when she ‘sing-talks’ to ‘hey boys’ and even laughs “you wanna know why – cuz it’s loaded with flies!” The infectious line “pour me another” is a bit softer. Folks that enjoy the song “I Hate Myself For Loving You” from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts will get fevers from Wylde’s vocals and the squelching guitar riffs. Wylde’s on fire.  She’s a true frontwoman and her entertainment factor gets a very high rating.

I do wish this song allowed for more breathing room for the listener to create their own interpretation. It’s a straight-forward song and it works. Depending on one’s mood, this might not be the song for them – “Flies Like Whiskey” is a party song, and not necessarily a bar song, but a night out on the town tune. If you’re looking for a ballad or a sad song about drinking alone, this isn’t it. As mentioned previously, those guitar riffs just break-through the sound barrier. The sound just gulps up the bulk of the song and while Wylde’s vocals are spot-on, the guitars really make the song standout. Not that the bass guitar and the fantastic drum/percussion should be ignored, but the guitar solos (just a guess these are Gibson Les Pauls or Fender Telecasters and Strats) in this track just crank out the lead.


Overall, “Flies Like Whiskey” is a killer tune. Fans of classic rock, country rock and modern rock will want to check out this song and The Guitar & Whiskey Club band. Bravo to this California band for making their own mark in the rock world.

Michael Rand

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