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Hungarian/Spanish-American singer, Szandra Mayer’s Latin musical inflections come on with zeal for her latest-greatest single “Paradise” following her debut smash release “Up In The Clouds.” And the difference is a starkly contrasting but nevertheless respectful leap forward for the Los Angeles born, FLA based 11 year-old-pop artist who also does modeling and acting to balance her career while of course being a student and general student of the arts. She also speaks three languages fluently, including her native English, with Spanish and Hungarian which her parents speak because they’re from abroad.

How often do you find these qualities being executed at such a young age? Not very often, at least not yet, but Szandra Mayer appears to be doing what many have yet to even attempt at the age of 30-40 when it comes to her music. Even if she’s only on her second single solo release, because many can only dream of it, let alone do it and do it with flying colors. The proof is all in the material and how Mayer uses it, as well as however this track was colossally conceived. Much integrity was also put into the video to accompany this undeniably awesome song, it’s worth mentioning it was taped in and around the area of Budapest.

Opinions always vary, but one thing that remains the same no matter what your taste, and that is the production quality brought to any song, which this one gets a big nod for. The video is produced by: Zoli Vekony with Infinite Media, and it goes to Budapest as mentioned, mixed-with some minimal scenes with colored lights. Mayer is placed in a few different situations that way, including wearing different outfits to define them. One of which has her walking along the shore in tennis shoes with a bunch of balloons which she eventually let’s fly. “Paradise” is viewed but also heard in the music, which is top shelf in every way.

The song really is about taking the time to make everlasting good memories, as the lyrics easily break down, but it’s not only for pop music lovers, it’s for adult contemporary and R&B listeners as much, if not more. It serves as a departure from Mayer’s previous work, which can be considered more of a straight forward debut pop single. “Paradise” takes more risk and wins the prize for doing so, and that is only tipping the iceberg for what the future holds. It’s strung together marvelously with classy instrumentation and vocals alike.

There are no particular-peers to mention when it comes to Szandra Mayer, and that’s a scary thought because it’s almost unheard of now a day, as where it used to be a lot more common. Her age might’ve never been so common for her talent levels, but everything comes out in the wash where she is concerned. You can’t even compare the likes of Pink and Christina to her, they all started later and grew from there. Szandra Mayer has the jump on most, and she’s already made serious strides within just two releases. The sooner you catch up with her and the new single, the more you’ll be enormously satisfied.


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