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Artists are often egomaniacs with inferiority complexes. I say that with nothing but love. It takes a benevolent egotism to write a song, a novel, paint a portrait, play an instrument for live audiences, and so on. Only ego is capable of convincing us someone, perhaps many, may carry about our self-expression. Songwriters want their songs to be heard for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they harbor dreams of global superstardom. Others may live with intense personal needs driving their need to create. In the end, however, they don’t want to see themselves as a lone unheard voice crying out in the wilderness.

They send their songs out into the world hoping they are heard. If they are savvy, the songwriter/musician/band targets their new work towards the right taste makers large and small who might help spread the word. They aim their new music towards listeners likely sympathetic to their ambitions, sound, or message, among other attributes. The response is often the sound of crickets.

Song Angel provides a variety of important tools for musicians building their reputations and careers. Membership with this service notifies artists whenever someone listens to their song, opens an email, likes their video for the track, artwork, lyrics, or other aspects of their creative output. If you don’t have potential listeners in mind but want that, Song Angel boasts contacts with over 10,000 industry professionals eager to discover The Next Big Thing.

Its immediacy is breathtaking. Song Angel features in-app messaging that allows contacts to connect instantly with musicians. Let’s say a radio station wants someone to come in for an in-studio performance and/or an interview. This allows that to happen. A promoter wants to book you for an appearance or sit down for a meeting with you? Song Angel’s messaging makes that happen.


Users purchase Song Wings, in-app credits, that they can use in a variety of ways. The company makes pricing clear for potential users and many will deem them more than reasonable considering the wide gamut of services they provide. Song Angel maintains a vibrant presence, as well, on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are committed to offering a responsive customer service experience at every step of the way.

This month is the ideal time to explore its potential. Song Angel is conducting a giveaway this month where the Grand Prize winner receives 10,000 Song Angel Wings and a Kretzman Guitars limited edition tactical classic 1959 LP double-cut style P-90 guitar. The grand prize winner also walks away with one song mastered by Warner/BMG and Coastal Mastering Studio’s Bud Bremner as well as written feedback on three compositions from award winning producer John Tomaino.

Second prize wins 5,000 Wings written feedback on one song from Tomaino while third prize nets 2,500 and the same opportunity for Tomaino penned critique. Entries are determined by an user’s Song Angel account status and level. A Silver account, for instance, earns users a single entry in the drawing, a Gold Monthly Account merits 10 entries, and a Gold Annual Account gives users 50 entries. Platinum Monthly and Annual Account holders receive 100 and 500 entries respectively.

This is a cutting edge approach to providing exposure for musicians. One of the critical attributes, however, driving this company is the genuine love they feel for artists, music, and the creative process. Song Angel, naturally, hopes to be a successful ongoing operation but they are not attempting to build fortunes on the backs of working songwriters and musicians. Song Angel is the artist’s friend in a time when artists need patrons and supporters more than ever before. 

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