Singer/Songwriter Larry J Releases Two New Singles

Good natured and with a brand new lease on life, Larry Jay has turned adversity into art. Coming off of bypass surgery, he has two brand new musical offerings. “2 New Girlfriends” and “Chasin Me,” respectively, are both now officially apart of the Larry Jay catalog. Larry Jay is a well-documented songwriter, who has shared the stage with Sonny Mone, from Neil Young’s, Crazy Horse. Jay cites Young as one of, if not his biggest influences, so that experience was something of a dream come true.


“Chasin Me” is something of a fantasy, as Jay aims to be courted, instead of the perceived traditional setup. He professes his love for a woman, but then questions why she can’t be the one to chase him. It’s a funny and curious concept that does somewhat beg the question, of why not. It’s hard to tell if Jay actually means it, or is just being jocular. You get the feeling that the feelings themselves, are indeed a shoot.

Larry J, does a great job of illustrating the mildly silly scenario at times, as he states his case for being an object of attainment. The production is quality, here, and Jay hits all the right peaks and valleys. His voice soars, at precisely the right moments, and he delivers on the high notes. The instruments boast tremendous interplay on this one, and there are a no errors in volume distribution or in the final mix. Ultimately, you feel the song, and that is of course, paramount. 

“2 New Girlfriends” is Jay’s story of a love triangle, with a twist. The title itself, will raise a few eyebrows, and has to be considered provocative by Country music standards. We quickly realize we’ve been somewhat had, when Larry digs into the verse. Well I’ve got two new girlfriends/they will be with me until the end/I guess you can say/I’m addicted to them. This is where Jay, swerves us a bit, and reveals exactly which “girlfriends” he is referring to.

The mix is particularly noisy and chaotic on this one, which is uncharacteristic of Country, but it does give the song, exuberance. Larry is an infectiously upbeat performer, and it helps you forgive any production flaws. His music seems to be more of a way to tell stories, than to spin marvels of audio science. Truth be told, he has the right idea. Larry J tells stories that he intends for people to see reflections of themselves in, while simultaneously being entertained.


Both new tracks, are fun rides, and Succeed in getting Larry, back in the saddle, so to speak. With so much loss incurred in 2020, it has likely given us all a new perspective on mortality and the fragility of each passing moment.  This isn’t music that is going to do a deep dive into the psyche, but it may make you smile. The composer of this work has a story that is firmly rooted in the natural perils of reality. If he can emerge with a renewed sense of life and hope, then just maybe, we all can too.

Michael Rand

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