Shemie Rozay lights a fuse in the single “City Drop”

Shemie Rozay lights a fuse in the single “City Drop”.

Shemie Rozay lights a fuse in the single “City Drop”. Straight from the Bronx, Rozay’s fast, powerful raps and brash confidence are undeniably fresh. As are the beats. Perfect for the summer soundtrack “City Drop” will spread like wildfire.

Rozay’s relentlessness comes from his background. His official biography says he caught onto the rap game in middle school and hasn’t stopped since. He’s also devoted to giving back to underserved youth and songs like “City Drop” feature an empowering message and tone. The cadence triggers an old school hip hop vibe and leans into the city’s rustling sound.


Sirens, a crimper-curly like sound starts the song. Rozay jumps right into rapping, with the high stakes rhythm capturing the listener. He raps you gotta slide up on it, better climb up on it, don’t get tired up on it. The feeling is that he’s inspiring the listener to not give up, and take what you want out of life. Don’t back down. I think knowing his background, his commitment to his community and lifting people up, rather than tearing them down is germane to this track. When he raps take your time on it, it made me think of the time and energy it takes to record and distribute a song. I think what Rozay is saying that while life short, you don’t to rush the right things. Make the wrong choice in one split second and it can destroy or change your life’s path in a second.

I think Rozay is also rapping to himself, sharing his own story. He took his time, he put in the hard work, the sweat. He’s ready to climb up on it, but he’s paid his dues. Again, a little brash, but the idea of not giving up and a little cockiness never hurt anyone, especially rappers and rock stars. Besides it’s a universal message. It’s a relatable to everyone and unfortunately as the pandemic rages on, so does our need for normalcy. We need that voice, we need the encouragement of a guy like Shemie Rozay in our corner. He’s got that song and that styling down pat. Just like you don’t have to live in a busy city like The Bronx or NYC, the idea that there are forces trying to weigh you down, or suffocate you, is everywhere. It’s time to step up and push through that fray. Rozay’s “City Drop” captures that fiery spirit.


His intensity is not stand offish. It’s celebrated. Rozay’s beats layering is thrilling and his rap style is Juicy J meets Wiz Khalifa meets Gucci Mane. He gets right to the point, like Tech N9ne, but doesn’t have the speed and quid-pro-quo that Tech dominates. Rozay’s ready for the limelight; “City Drop” will get him there. His likability factor is off the charts and I found myself rooting for him like Rocky Balboa reaching the top of the Philadelphia steps for the first time. We all need a little “City Drop” in our lives right now.

Michael Rand

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