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Saddle Of Southern Darkness, AKA, S.O.S.D.  are Colorado based via Kentucky, but it doesn’t change their sound and the entire western hillbilly meets thrash-metal theme they brought with them. “Killbilly” is more of an exercise of that than some of their other songs, it’s more of a statement for the former and the video takes it even a step beyond to visual imagination but very graphic in some parts as well. This is your mommy or daddy’s country, but it isn’t their metal either, both are authentically applied but nowhere in either mainstream. It’s hardcore but accessible, so there’s more going on than one to describe them.


As for describing “Killbilly” you can watch the video and see some of what I’m revealing, but it’s not needed for any good imagination and the song always comes first, so it wins over the two which do tend to serve one another without ruining each format. As you can predict by now it is dark, doomy and crosses speed metal with traditional country for a crossbreed like some already do, but S.O.S.D. specialize in it. They don’t just go through the motions they’re playing for keeps and then some on all their tracks.

If you like Twang variety country and hillbilly southern rock played at a fast pace, you’ll like “Killbilly” and if you like scary movies like Blair Witch Project and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre then the video is for you too. But as mentioned it is not the focal point because the band have more to offer than this track and video, with more on the immediate horizon. But as to whether this scares you or not is another story, because you could find it tame compared to others in the heavy and black metal categories, the western factor is what seals the deal for me. And if you like that sort of thing this must be heard.

The lyrics are tongue-in cheek and nothing too horrific, but it’s still horror rock oriented and again the video tells more about the story than the lyrics might be able to do, but it’s both words and music working on the same level if not more the music itself. You just can’t deny there’s more to the “Killbilly” character in the lyrics, but that isn’t to say the video doesn’t perfectly accompany the song it does. Don’t miss it for all it’s worth, once you hear the track.


If you watch the video first, I recommend headphones to hear everything that’s going on because you’ll be doing that anyway if you like “Killbilly” as is. One thing I took away more than anything else is the song has a hook and it’s hard to get out of your head once you’ve heard it only a few times. It sticks, and that’s all that matters to me, especially concerning genre combos like this. It’s also definitely for the dark metal lovers more than country music fans, but it might interest some if exposed to it, as the musicians sure do have a way of bringing it together in a cool way.

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