Ronnue releases “Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)”

Music has always been a part of the identity of the Pacific Northwest and those who call it home, and R&B singer/songwriter Ronnue is keeping that rich tradition alive and well with his all-new single “Something About U (The Retro-Funk Mix)” in both of its exciting incarnations. Ronnue lays into a deluge of harmonies that live and die at the whim of a hostile, menacing bassline that is simply inescapable when it’s firing on all cylinders in the chorus. Studded with a meticulously arranged groove that delivers as much wallop as the sumptuous, cutting lyrical content does, “Something About U” is a hot track that pop fans won’t want to miss out on this chilly winter.

The swing in this single is the first thing that really grabs our attention, and it doesn’t stop for anything once it gets started. If half of it comes from the sheer intensity of the bass, the other half is undoubtedly generated by Ronnue’s agile vocal cadence with the beat, which is an entity all its own. Every component of this song is defined quite well in the master mix, with no two sounds ever becoming muddled in the finished product (something that’s hard to accomplish with a song as dexterously arranged as this one is).

Ronnue’s singing is sublimely smooth in “Something About U,” which adds to the contrast between his vocal track and that of his backing band. There’s a lot of grit in the bassline that spills over into the percussion, but it’s constantly countered by the velvety-soft crooning of Ronnue, which is essentially drawn directly from old school melodic funk. The duality of this track is indeed very much a part of its grand allure, but it doesn’t become such a focal point as to take any of the spotlight away from the lyrical star of the show himself.


As far as production quality goes, this is absolutely top shelf. The surrealism that’s generated by the soundboard-sanctioned juxtapositions previously mentioned is as quintessential to the packaging of the single as the cover art is, and I would even argue is what really sets it aside from similarly stylized songs also being released at the moment. Ronnue’s a multidimensional player for sure, and this release doesn’t just reflect that in its bones, but in the very nature of its assembly, which is as calculated and cerebral as anything in the avant-garde scene and beyond.

Sexy vibes and throwback beats make “Something About U” a must-listen for anyone who is a big fan of urban pop, R&B and particularly old fashioned funk, which is given a second life in this song like never before. Ronnue emerges from a Seattle scene that many critics have described as broken and battered from a gentrified culture that has abandoned the DIY ethos that once made the city home to one of the best music scenes on the planet. He’s got the chance to change the narrative not only for his corner of the ring but for the entire league itself, and this song is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Michael Rand

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