Rocker Ed Roman Releases “Tomorrow Is Today” (Single)

Rocker Ed Roman has the Midas touch in the anthemic “Tomorrow Is Today”. Staged with synthesizers and great rock guitar riffs, “Tomorrow Is Today” is capped off by Roman’s vocal swagger. With certainty and life under his belt, Roman’s strength as a songwriter is his brevity and genuine demeaner. “Tomorrow Is Today” one lively, two-foot jump into the rock end, with Roman picking up some pop and Americana shavings along the way.


If you’re new to the Roman empire, then you won’t gather the chameleon ways this Canadian troubadour has changed musical stylings and leanings. He can blend with the best of ‘em, but it’s his distinct vocals and sometimes laissez fair attitude that typically endears him to listeners the most. The same can definitely be said for “Tomorrow Is Today”. Roman, whose sly voice ranges from Tom Petty’s to John Waitts’, has received rotation for his many songs on more than 100 radio stations in North America and more than 600 worldwide. His previous song “Stronger” arrived in January 2020. “Tomorrow Is Today” has much more velocity and character coming from the amps.

The percussion, a resounding mix of hand claps and drum work,  almost sounding tribal-like. “Tomorrow Is Today” builds like an exciting pop rock track colliding with a funky classic hit. It’s evident this song is about taking advantage of the now and don’t rely on plans for tomorrow. Today is the day. I loved the little nuances of bass guitar – I’m a sucker for that bass slapping. This song has plenty of the downbeat. While Roman is singing in English, I got to thinking that the real language of this song is intuitive. Stay with me here, this is weird.

The song has several twists and turns, many of which involve the bass guitar. When you think the vibration and pulsating will last longer it doesn’t. Isn’t that life – you think it will last longer than it does. You realize that life is what happens when you’re making plans (that’s a John Lennon quote I’m stealing). I think that most people can interpret that themselves and that’s why I think Roman writes this song in the intuitive language. He feels it and he knows his listeners will be able to do the same and run with it just the same. He’s a gifted storyteller and songwriter.

This song really moves. The electric guitar, seemingly boundless, triumphs over the percussion and effortlessly seams itself right up to Roman’s eclectic voice. When I close my eyes and hear him sing, I hear the years of resolve packaged into his interesting voice. The music bed, topped off with synth (in a nostalgic sound) is captivating. It’s almost intoxicating. I definitely wanted a bit more of that, just like I wanted more of the bass guitar. He’s sure made a believer out of me and I’m anxiously awaiting what is next for this clever songwriter. He creates something really rocking, but in a very bizzarro way, something beautiful in “Tomorrow Is Today”.

Michael Rand

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