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If slick jazz beats are your thing, then Robert Starks & the Diamondtones Danceband have got your number in the single “Text-MEE-Baby,” a track that is capable of melting the hardest of hearts with nothing more than a simple melody and an eccentric groove. Robert Starks is at the top of his game in this iconic composition, which was originally released back in 2010, and while he’s grown a lot as an artist in the last nine years, “Text-MEE-Baby” remains one of his most recognizable and rhythmic songs. In an era that has been rife with minimalism, it indulges in the most exotic of excesses and celebrates the tenacity of the jazz genre, and specifically its experimental pioneers.

As the Diamondtones Danceband build up to the chorus, there’s a ton of tension in the rhythm of the track. Rather than making the music sound suffocating, the pressurized percussion ends up giving the elegant release in the chorus a magnified catharsis that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. “Text-MEE-Baby” was designed to keep us on the edge of our seats from start to finish, and even when Starks isn’t crooning in his trademark smoky vocal, the instrumentation of his backing band is relentlessly entrancing and on-point. The chemistry between the musicians in this single is off the charts-incredible mostly because of the mutual selflessness that they have in their collective approach to jamming. No one is competing for the lion’s share of the spotlight in “Text-MEE-Baby;” instead, everyone is contributing a very particular part to the construction of a well-oiled machine.


The horn section occasionally accents the vocal harmony with abstract tones, but even at their most avant-garde, the melodies never feel out of place here. As previously mentioned, this song is structured out of a really experimental arrangement, which allows for the band to explore the depth of their musicality without ever running the risk of sounding out of sync with one another. They’re playing off of each other’s cues, improvising where it’s necessary, and making it really easy for even the most ardent of anti-jazz fiends among us to fall hard for the dexterous production in this track. It might not have changed the world as we know it, but “Text-MEE-Baby” is nevertheless a top tier single from a group of artists who have yet to receive the credit that they’re due as musicians and melody-makers.

Robert Starks stays away from the conventional and delves into eroticized melodies and understated sonic virtuosities of the most urbane variety in “Text-MEE-Baby,” and I would highly recommend that jazz connoisseurs everywhere give it another listen this season. Songs like this one don’t come around very often, and while a lot of mainstream music buffs haven’t familiarized themselves with the Diamondtones Danceband prior to now, I think it’s an appropriate time for their music to be making a comeback this summer. Audiences have been clamoring for the exact sort of sophistication that a groove tune like “Text-MEE-Baby” has in spades, and if it manages to get into steady rotation in the States or abroad over the next few months, there’s a good chance that the Congaman might finally get some of the accolades that he’s deserved for quite some time now.

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