Rob Alexander Releases “Young Man’s Eyes” LP

When it comes to rock albums in 2023, they tend to fall under the radar — especially when they’re in the indie rock stratosphere that already tends to get overlooked. One album worth seeking out is Rob Alexander’s Young Man’s Eyes — it’s an electrifying rock album with the potential to propel the singer-songwriter to the forefront of the indie rock scene. With thirteen tracks spanning across almost an hour of material, Alexander crafts a sonic journey that effortlessly balances introspection, infectious melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics.

From the very first notes of the opening track, “The Soul or the Skin,” it’s evident that Alexander’s musical prowess is in a league of its own. His soul-stirring vocals soar over ethereal guitar lines, drawing listeners into a world of self-reflection and existential contemplation. The depth and range of his voice rival that of modern indie rock luminaries like Father John Misty and Mitski, allowing him to convey raw emotion with striking authenticity.

“Freak Show” kicks things into high gear with its adrenaline-fueled energy and anthemic chorus. Alexander’s magnetic stage presence shines through, captivating the listener with his impassioned delivery and dynamic vocal range. The track channels the infectious indie rock spirit of artists like Cage the Elephant, infusing it with Alexander’s unique lyrical perspective on identity and societal pressures. Throughout “Young Man’s Eyes,” Alexander’s songwriting prowess shines brightly. “Sometimes We All Fall Apart” is a heart-wrenching ballad that reveals his vulnerability and ability to pen deeply personal lyrics. The introspective tone and tender guitar melodies bring to mind the introspective work of indie rock singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers, evoking a similar sense of emotional introspection.

In “Your Shelter,” Alexander showcases his ability to craft captivating narratives. The track’s soaring choruses and rich harmonies are reminiscent of the indie folk-rock stylings of bands like Fleet Foxes, while the poetic lyrics transport listeners to a place of longing and seeking refuge. Alexander’s storytelling prowess rivals that of modern indie rock troubadours like Conor Oberst, as he weaves vivid imagery into his songs. “Pillars of Hercules (Davey, Nigel, & Dee)” stands out as a musical highlight on the album, with its infectious rhythm and intricate instrumental interplay. The track’s swirling guitars and driving percussion evoke the indie rock stylings of bands like Tame Impala, creating an irresistible sonic landscape that showcases Alexander’s versatility as a musician and producer.

Collaboration takes center stage on “Get Over Yourself” featuring the stunning vocals of Gigi Worth. Their harmonies intertwine seamlessly, creating a sonic tapestry that harkens back to the collaborations between indie rock icons like Feist and Ben Gibbard. The track’s empowering message and catchy hooks make it an instant standout, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

As the album unfolds, Alexander continues to impress with his versatility and creativity. “Like an Angel” delivers a tender ballad reminiscent of indie rock singer-songwriter Angel Olsen, with its haunting vocals and introspective musings. “We Can Be Winners” infuses an infectious indie pop energy that channels the joyful exuberance of bands like Vampire Weekend, inspiring listeners to embrace their full potential. The album’s closing tracks, from the heartfelt “Merry Christmas In Heaven” to the introspective “The Kids Don’t Play Anymore,” showcase the breadth of Alexander’s musical vision. Each song tells a unique story, blending introspection, metaphor, and memorable melodies to create an immersive sonic experience.

In the realm of modern indie rock singer-songwriters, Rob Alexander stands tall. His ability to craft poignant narratives, deliver captivating vocals, and infuse his music with infectious energy sets him apart from the crowd. “Young Man’s Eyes” solidifies his place as a rising star in the indie rock scene.

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