Rapper Cliz Drops New Single

Rapper Cliz has certainly found a nice balance between the dark and lighter sides of his artistic persona. With his newest single and music video “Find Me,” the artist is being very honest and real about his ambition and directions going forward, even if admittedly they may be a little unclear. Certainly inspired by the fast-talking rappers like Eminem, I’d say he more resembles the other half of Atlanta/Electro duo Run The Jewel’s member EL-P.

There’s a kind of surgical precision to the beat, not anything flashy but still largely potent and while certainly familiar it is boosted by Cliz’s faster than lightning delivery.  I will admit, sometimes his motor mouth can be a little too hard to keep up with, but if anything it helps give the song an immediate re-listenability. While his delivery certainly says that Cliz is someone to not take too seriously, he’s not someone you should underestimate either. It’s about confidence, not cockiness as he spits verses about taking time to put himself back together and as you can assume, find himself. It doesn’t hurt that the more overtly jokey moments actually land humorously and that’s definitely a testament to his self-awareness. Cliz has stated that at the beginning of his burgeoning rap persona, he did try writing about the standard girls, cars, money songs that are just formula at this point before realizing that none of that was really him, and he wanted to dig a little deeper. He keeps the listener at a decent arm’s length sometimes but his presence shines brightly throughout, always inviting us with each bar.

It’s also kind of refreshing to see an artist skirt convention and get a little more real about lack of confidence. Being a rapper requires a lot of personalities and an almost exhausting level of performance well past the stage, and it’s nice that Cliz pays lip service to that here, while also noting that he’s had people on this journey with him, keeping him afloat and motivated. The music video is also of praise considering that what could be written off as cheap, surprisingly has a lot more depth if you’re really paying attention. Amateur music videos are hard, even as glossy as technology makes things seem now, it all truthfully relies on a concept and this video subtly delivers.

It mostly comprises of Cliz wandering seemingly abandoned homes and you can almost certainly make the parallel of the empty homes acting as a stark reminder to how he must feel like if not constantly pushing himself but it turns out is that they’re not abandoned old homes, they’re homes being built as Cliz’s magnetic energy swings us from zone to zone. It’s not subtle that Cliz sings about needing to find himself and plant himself fully in a foundation while literally standing in the foundation of homes, but why should it be? His voice is wholly unique with a witty rhyme scheme and always playful nature that never overshadows his darker undertones. Can’t recommend him enough,

Michael Rand

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