My Luv Notes releases new Single

With a fuzzy bassline behind her sexually-charged lead vocal, My Luv Notes invites us onto the dancefloor in her latest single “Snake Charmer,” and effectively utilizes one of the most powerful melodies she’s ever recorded to draw us into her spellbinding web of seduction. Her chill-inducing croon is artfully sewn into the fabric of the instrumentation seamlessly, allowing for us to feel intimately connected to every subtle texture in the music as she slowly serenades us. The beats are entrancing, but they’re never so potent a force that we lose sight of the real star in this one-woman show; the firm lyrical lashings that occupy the majority of the space in this master mix. The levels are adjusted to make it so that every element is physical but never as jarring as the crushing EDM that it will compete with for airtime this season in nightclubs around the world. “Snake Charmer” was definitely made for those who love to grind it out under neon lights, but its uniquely stylish compositional structure makes it just as palatable a listen to occasional pop fiends as well.


Production-wise, this is certainly among the most polished material that My Luv Notes has ever included on a full-length album. Like many of the other songs on 2019’s Day Late, “Snake Charmer” isn’t the product of cheap commercial pandering, and our leading lady makes it very clear to us in the first fifteen seconds of the track that she isn’t interested in playing to the status quo. There are simply too many layers, too many intriguingly sophisticated intricacies within every corner of the instrumentation, for this to be lumped in with the largely plasticized pop fodder that we’ve been seeing out of the American hip-hop and R&B undergrounds this summer. My Luv Notes isn’t conforming to the indie model in this single, but there’s no debating that she’s refuting the very notion of selling-out at the same time. If you ask me, there’s enough evidence presented to us in “Snake Charmer” to suggest that she’s found her own niche style between melodic hip-hop, urban pop and R&B, and frankly it’s hard for me to imagine her abandoning the blueprint set forth by this track in future recordings.


I love the direction that My Luv Notes is taking her sound in, and if Day Late and its dozen devilishly alluring ballads and breakdowns are any indication of what we can expect to hear out of her third studio album, then I don’t believe that there’s any need for critics to question her legitimacy as a formidable, naturally talented singer and songwriter from here on out. She’s proven herself to be quite adept at everything she has set out to accomplish so far in her career, and for an artist who is still a relative newcomer for a lot of non-indie disciples, she already has a treasure chest of tracks in her growing discography that are worth writing home about. This is a wonderful addition for sure, and undeniably one of the smartest new singles that you’re going to hear out of her scene this month.

Michael Rand

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