My Luv Notes crushes out yet another swinging groove

In her new single “Day Late,” pop songstress and emerging rapper My Luv Notes crushes out yet another swinging groove in a year that has been littered with hits from her unique moniker. Right out of the gate, there’s a haunting glow to her melodies that grows more intimidating as the track catches fire. We’re strapped into the front seat of what feels like a rollercoaster ride built on rhythm and rhyme alone in “Day Late,” and whether you’re a big hip-hop fan or not, you’re likely to end up swaying to this beat by the time the song has come to an end.


I absolutely love the aggression in the vocal attack here, and if you’ve been following My Luv Notes’ steady evolution over the course of the year, you too will notice how much more moxie she’s employing in this track compared to past releases. It’s not overly assaultive, nor is it soft in the center; much like Lauryn Hill, she’s figured out a near-perfect formula for balancing out her melodies with a scathing method of delivery that enhances the mood in her verses more than any instrumental backing track or thunderous beat ever possibly could.

The production quality in this song is more raw and unfiltered than I was expecting it to be, but this actually works to the advantage of My Luv Notes. In showing off just how vulnerable she can be, and moreover, how strong her execution is even in the most unguarded of environments, she reiterates to us just how dedicated she is to her medium. She never backs down from the hook in this track, and as gritty as some of the twists and turns can be, nothing in “Day Late” sounds under-produced or halfheartedly thrown together in some last ditch effort at pseudo-experimentalism.

As rough and tumble as some of the faceting in this single can be, the melodic core here is as bright and stunning as any released by My Luv Notes to date. There’s a wispy harmony guiding every verse into the fabric of the synthetic instrumentation in the background, and scarcely does it ever sound as though we’re listening to a legit singer working against the backdrop of a plasticized beat. This is surprisingly organic and warm in tone, which is more than I can say for a lot of other hip-hop tracks that have been released in the last couple of months.


Once again, I’m totally blown away by the handiwork of My Luv Notes, who is sounding tighter than she ever has before in “Day Late” and currently shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This is a solid, rocking party anthem that reads just as well as a slow jam, and regardless of your interest in the genre, I think that it represents a nice benchmark for the scene that spawned the composer. I’ll continue to keep a close eye on My Luv Notes, and judging from the reaction to “Day Late” that she’s getting right now, I don’t believe I’ll be the only one.

Michael Rand

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