Musik & Film – Empowering the Artist now and into the Future

Musik & Film – Empowering the Artist now and into the Future

How MAF works for you:

The music industry is full of companies that handle a variety of artists services, some limited and some operating on a grand scale, but Musik and Film seem to have one of the larger networks providing the type of services they do. These outfits tend to provide one thing or another but MF partner with an enormous-amount-of artists and other services to divide and conquer what is still a very complex and very powerful force in the marketplace. If you’re looking for A&R, PR, Distribution and Radio Promotion, they have it all and so much more it’s staggering just to browse through their premium services.

Stephen Wrench has contacts throughout the world with major labels, TV and movie networks and media outlets. He also has cultivated numerous friendships within the artist community. Stephen has acquired label deals for many artists and has been instrumental in syndication of movie and television content throughout the world. Vice president Rhonda Houston prides herself on being aware and conversant on the latest trends in the digital music market. She promotes the concept of a team environment in her promotion of artists in the entertainment industry. Producer Robyn Robins accrued credits on many gold and platinum albums.


A&R is the job of Terry Nails. Terry has worked, written and/or played with: Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) Disco singer Sylvester, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, Queen) legendary pianist Nicky Hopkins, Tommy Tutone, and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), As Is, John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), and Blues man Charlie Musselwhite. And there’s head of radio promotions, Jey Mayberry who hosts a popular radio show, as well as production duties held by Wayne Killius. If that’s not a dream team then we’re not living in the dame galaxy, and that is why they’re a leading company out of FLA.
“I had the honour of sitting on Musik and Film’s working group, a beautiful dream for a band like us..they know music, they live with music, and they can help you. I am delighted to be one of them. If you want a real “boost” for your project, don’t look somewhere else.” Davide-Kristof Acs from iLLacrimo


The above testimonial is just one example to give here by one of the band’s they manage on their label Musik and Film Records. Together they have Decades of experience and Personal Service to the music business, traveling distances on every single avenue along the way. It’s a crazy time and this is one of the best places to go for all your needs across the board, and it’s proven in testimonials like the one below.

“I greatly admire artists who’re able to manage both their music and their promotion, I have always known that I would need a strong partner to ensure that my music reached as wide an audience as possible. I cannot describe how amazing it was to hear myself on the radio for the first time through Musik radio promotions. I am so grateful for this opportunity.” Songwriter & Musician- Anjali

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