Monsieur Job – BASS PA$$I 1

Monsieur Job – BASS PA$$I 1


If you’ve been waiting for an exotic journey into the rhythmic stylings of contemporary urban electronic pop, you won’t find any beats hotter than the ones Monsieur Job is discharging in their epic new album BASS PA$$I 1,” which is available everywhere indie music is sold now. If you’ve been hearing an awful lot about this Latin pop juggernaut of a band lately, you’re not alone. Critics and fans alike have been going ballistic with excitement since the release of the group’s latest offering, and it’s no wonder as to why. In what would appear to be an ocean of artists that haven’t been willing or even capable of producing music that sets itself apart using techniques other than various styles of aggressive prose and subjective lyrical content, Monsieur Job seems to stand alone as one of the last, true blue creative collectives left in their scene.

Through the entirety of BASS PA$$I 1, the most consistent theme that can be found to bridge one track to the next is their shared pursuit of fierce rhythm that gets us onto the dancefloor and keeps us there all night long. The lyrics of the sultry “Chilliando Hangueando” seem to dance around the music itself, creating a seductive whirlwind around the tonality of the instruments that sweeps us, the listeners, into its cyclone as well. In the most provocative twist of events, these are words that dance to the music, and we’re dancing along with them. This is a very ambitious meld of attacks, but the central narrative plays off suspense far more than it does bravado, yet another way that Monsieur Job is completely distinct from the contemporaries at every level of the game.

Despite the multitude of directions that BASS PA$$I 1 contains, this LP never comes off fractured or incomplete. Instead, the bevy of colorful tones make it feel perhaps even more elaborate and broad in scope than it is when we strip it down to its barebones. I think that ultimately the secret ingredient to the charisma that Monsieur Job is able to boast so well is rooted in their use of a concept that I like to call “graceful explosiveness” to create an alluring, almost dangerous and mischievous persona that is irresistible to anyone who enjoys the wilder side of life and music. BASS PA$$I 1 isn’t a threatening or pompous pop album that tries particularly hard to put up a front for the band’s target audience; the beauty of a record like this is that it literally lets the band speak for themselves and their identity to come through the individual interpretations of the listener. Rather than putting together a lot of frills and glossy post production work to shape this record into something a little more predictable and radio ready, it has all of the raw power of a rough cut studio session with the polish and progressive growth of a sophomore release. Monsieur Job is onto something with this one, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next from this crew.


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