Mikey See drops new single

Mikey See drops new single

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There’s been no shortage of exciting talent to emerge in the last year, but of all the artists making a big impact in 2018, no one has left a bigger crater than Mikey See and his self-titled debut extended play. In his new single “Love My Body,” he gives critics yet another golden nugget to study and discuss and listeners a new set of grooves to get lost in. Mikey See is a unique artist; his music doesn’t necessarily play to one crowd over another, but at the same time he defines the very essence of R&B and contemporary pop in his sound. He may not have ever intended on becoming a representative for his peers, but when you’re starting your career with such juggernauts as “Love My Body” as your introduction to the international pop scene, the title becomes pretty hard to avoid. If you haven’t already heard his work, I’d make a point to get a copy of this single – it’s a terrific sampler of all the musical might that Mikey See brings to the table.

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A lot of people are pretty vocal about disliking pop music in general, but I feel like the majority of these people view pop through the extremely narrow lens of major record label commercialism. Pop doesn’t have to be candy coated or sponsored by some hip-hop syndicate which itself is a part of a larger umbrella corporation. In “Love My Body,” Mikey See fuses old school R&B flow with jazzy, almost mathematical beats to create a slick style of pop music that is as urban as it is classical in nature. The best part is, unlike a lot of his contemporaries See doesn’t conjure up his hybrids for the specific purpose of garnering attention from numerous crowds; instead, this is just the amalgamation of all of his influences compressed into a multifaceted identity that is his truly own. In other words, you don’t get any more authentic than what he’s done with this single (and really all of his output thus far).

I have a feeling that Mikey See’s self-titled EP and “Love My Body” are really just the beginning for him, and that this single in particular serves as a prime example of the exact reason why he’s going to be star; he isn’t conceded. For a rookie recording artist who obviously possesses far more skill and potential than anyone else his own age, he doesn’t have the self-righteous cockiness that often plagues performers of his stature. I think that there are a lot of good things in store for Mikey See in the future if he’s able to keep his feet on the ground and remain true to the ethos that he’s upheld in these initial offerings, and my gut tells me that he will. Some people are meant to be doctors, others lawyers or accountants. Some people are meant to mold clay while others paint; Mikey See was born to make music, and in sharing his gifts with the world, he’s having a hand in shaping it into a better place.

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