“Missing You” by Mario Ferrini

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In his latest single, “Missing You,” Mario Ferrini tries his hand at surreal string play and, with the help of Frik n Chic and Nathan Brumley, produces a tension-filled juggernaut of a ballad that is unlike anything else I’ve personally heard this year. “Missing You” is built on the back of a vibrant lead vocal, but it’s not a lyrically-centric pop song in the least. This track is an amalgamation of rhythm, rhyme and exquisite textural expression, and try as they might, Ferrini’s competitors in the Americas are going to have a tough time eclipsing its evocative qualities this summer.

The vocal track here is really crisp, and it wholly defines the stylish tone of the music swaying in the background without intruding on the fluidity of the instrumental grind. The acoustic guitar elements are just as emotive, but they would be without any form of emotional context were the classy crooning not placed at the forefront of the master mix. It’s a tried and true formula, but it doesn’t recycle the same patterned melody that we’ve heard countless times already in 2019. Ferrini goes out of his way to inject as much unvarnished tone into this track as he can, and subsequently gives it a rustic component that sets it far apart from the plasticity of modern day mainstream pop.

“Missing You” has a supple bassline that’s smoothly mixed between the string section and the percussive parts, and the streamlined equalization makes it unthreatening and legitimately gorgeous from start to finish here. Don’t get me wrong – I love a bumping bass track as much as the next guy does, but there’s something to be said about the way this tender arrangement makes the most of a slightly unremarkable, black and white groove. There’s nothing conventional about this song, but that might be why I found myself as attracted to it as I did this month.

Stylistically, this is isn’t the most experimental track that Mario Ferrini has ever recorded, but in its many layers, we find a lot more detail in the instrumental parts of the song than what other previous hits credited to his name have contained. It isn’t that he’s changing his music, but more that he’s adapting his approach to meet the needs of an increasingly difficult to please generation of fans. For my money, this single makes the cut just as well as any other Millennial pop jam has this year, and leaves a distinctly cultured impression with each and every listen.

Mario Ferrini, Frik n Chic and Nathan Brumley are masters of their craft, and their best abilities are on display for the whole world to see in this brilliant new release, which has slowly become one of my favorite pop singles of the summer. I wasn’t following Ferrini very closely prior to now, but I’m definitely going to be watching where he goes from here. He’s paid his dues as an underground stalwart for many years, going all the way back to the beginning of the decade, and seems more than ready to bring his work to an even larger audience in this fervent demonstration of skill.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Missing-Mario-Ferrini-Nathan-Brumley/dp/B07QPYHNQ6

Michael Rand

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