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With a simple strumming of a rustic acoustic guitar, the beautiful ballad “3” from singer/songwriter Lecretia Ann begins to play, a graceful vocal harmony following in the wake of this brooding instrumental intro. There aren’t any synthetic ribbons to come between us and this crooner’s rich lead vocal; there’s only the audience, the artist, and a whole lot of melodic charm bubbling to the surface – starting with Lecretia Ann’s voice. “3” is the embodiment of country music at its most unreserved and playfully affectionate, and while it isn’t the only extraordinary indie track I’ve listened to in the year 2020, it’s among the top tier of country singles to come out this summer for certain.

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“3” has so much instrumental energy that it’s hard to believe it’s as slow-paced and rhythmically circular as it is. Despite its extended running time and pendulous grooving, there’s no filler to be found in any part of this track – it’s all melodic meat and potatoes. Lecretia Ann doesn’t come off like an artist who’s simply trying to get her name out there in this song, nor its counterpart single “Run;” if you ask me, she sounds like a singer/songwriter who has a little stage experience under her belt and is now ready to take her craft to the next level. She’s very confident in herself when she’s singing, and for someone with nothing more than a debut album to her credit, that’s something critics and listeners should really be impressed by.

The other single Lecretia Ann has out this July, “Run,” is a lot more upbeat in tone and execution than “3” is, but don’t get me wrong – it’s definitely as much of an emotional thrill ride. As the vocal ascends towards the heavens above (only to come crashing into a lumbering refrain seconds later), it seems as though there isn’t a note this singer can’t hit if it means getting her point across to us in an efficient fashion. She never hides behind the backing band’s rocking rhythm, even if it would have made sense to as a means of maximizing the catharsis in a hook, instead choosing to put herself at the forefront of the action on every occasion made available to her. Lecretia Ann has attitude here, and it makes me want to hear more.

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Country music has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and right now, it’s independent artists who are giving it the edge over other genres in the American spectrum this year. Lecretia Ann sets the world afire in “3” and “Run,” and while there are no shortage of interesting singer/songwriters making their debut at the moment, hers has a certain ‘it’ factor that makes it harder to dismiss as anything other than a glimpse into the future. She’s got my attention for sure, and if she’s able to find either “3” or “Run” a home with audiences on the FM dial this summer, she’s going to see a lot more praise from critics in the year to follow.

 Michael Rand

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