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The gilded, percussion-led opening bars of Labán’s “Dueños de Aquí” cascade from the speakers like condensation streaking down a steamy window, and even though it’s a familiar beat we can’t help but get lost in its stylish rigidity. It’s almost like we’re walking into a neon-colored nightclub where Labán’s name is permanently plastered onto the moniker; the sounds of the lusting people inside bleed out into the street and entice us ever closer to its grand entrance. Once Labán starts to sing there’s no longer a need to wonder where he’s taking us on this sonic journey – we’re being led into the epicenter of his passion.

The lyrics of “Dueños de Aquí,” as they are delivered vocally by Labán, are somewhat scattered, almost atmospheric in nature. Even without the language barrier between English-speaking fans and his Spanish-spoken prose, there’s an enigmatic gloss that’s keeping us from seeing his true intentions and the narrative behind the words. He rocks the mystique hard in this song, skulking between the blues-tinged guitar and the clubby bass like a hood in the night, not wanting to be seen by the world but to affectual to embrace complete anonymity. This isn’t the most straightforward pop song I’ve heard, but it’s definitely sensuously captivating.

Drumming-wise, “Dueños de Aquí” is a little predictable and stock, but I will say that the muted tonality of the guitar parts save the track from becoming ultimately boring. With a singer like Labán directing the melodies I expect the percussion to be equally as vivacious and brimming with vibrato, but that just isn’t the case with this single. The intro beat is, as previously stated, familiar, but I won’t go so far as to say that it does the substance of the other instruments a grave disservice. Labán has plenty of time to grow and work out the minor hiccups like this one.

The layered mix of the vocal track is the star of this single, and we’re never able to escape its wide reach no matter where the harmonies take us in just under three minutes of playing time. Labán sings with an astuteness that is refreshing against the tepid pace of the instruments behind him, and though it’s a little frustrating to hear him restraining himself in the opulent chorus he demonstrates that he’s consistently able to control the rhythm of his singing. This isn’t the best way to make use of his talents, but it’s leaps and bounds from being a throwaway track.

Heavily compressed but not devoid of his colorful vitality, “Dueños de Aquí” is a cultured introduction to the artist that is Labán and a fair contribution to contemporary Latin R&B. The most amazing thing that Labán has going for him right now is his singing abilities, which are highlighted in this single but not yet completely realized in its limiting structure, but I think this is only just the beginning for him. As his persona evolves and he cultivates his sound a bit more, conceiving material that better matches his unique talent will come as naturally as his God-given vocal skills have.


Michael Rand

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