Koblack – “I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic)”

2019 has been an awesome year for hip-hop fans to put it mildly, and in Koblack’s new single “I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic),” the critically acclaimed producer, songwriter and rapper shows  us his most formidable material yet, as well as an experimental side to his sonic profile that we hadn’t seen prior to now. “I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic),” unlike previous efforts, isn’t as reliant on Koblack’s flow in creating an evocative atmosphere that reels us in over the course of the nearly four minutes that the song plays out. The instrumentation is just as powerful, if not more so, in making a bold statement in this track.

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Words like “thick” instantly come to mind when trying to breakdown these bass parts, as their enormity is as defining in style as it is important to the narrative in the lyrics. Koblack is trying as hard as he can to get us into his mindset, his perspective, in this song, and he uses every weapon at his disposal from behind the soundboard to make it happen. The equalization is scooped and throttles us like a classic heavy metal track would, and that only contributes further to the eruptive tonality on the instrumental front.

Koblack’s vocal is unflinchingly physical, much like the bass parts, but nothing here is over the top or bombastic in nature. “I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic)” is mixed very evenly, and there’s never an instance where one element in the single is competing for our attention with another (which is quite a rarity nowadays). You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into ironing out all of the explicit details in both the lyrics and the music here, and that’s what sets apart most all of Koblack’s releases from those we hear out of his contemporaries in and out of the American scene.

The energy here is simply out of this world, and if it’s any sort of representation of what I could expect to enjoy in a live setting, then I’m going to make seeing his next gig one of my top priorities. He’s a wild animal in this chorus; he’s uncaged, unstoppably strong and ready to rip anything to shreds with nothing more than the microphone that he’s got in his hand. The heart that Koblack demonstrates here is one of the main reasons why I think the indie press has become so fond of his work – it’s always clear that, above all else, music is the most important thing in this guy’s life.

In “I Love Sosua (Dominican Republic),” Koblack releases his most complete and compelling material ever, and gives us a picture window into an evolved sound that has come an awful long way in the past three years since the release of his debut album Scriptures of a Sin. If you haven’t already heard him before, I would encourage you to give this single a spin, as it provides an opportunity at getting to know both the songwriter as well as the depth of his artistry as it currently stands in a unique and truly engaging way.

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