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In a time when books about tailoring yourself to take advantage of employment opportunities are plentiful, Julia Ivy’s Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market stands out. It attracts attention not because of its length or some massive marketing campagin designed to push it to a wider audience, but rather thanks to Ivy’s approach. Her BE-EDGE system for placing one’s self in an adventageous position for employment applies an equal  measure of common sense and academic rigor to an eternally vexing question in our modern world – how does someone best present themselves as a viable candidate to prospective employers? The book never belabors its arguments or obsfucates key issues and Ivy spares herself no pains in providing her readers with a step by step guide for them to captialize on their skills for maximum return.

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She ladens the book with a plethroa of charts and data reinforcing and illustrating her position. Despite the abdunance of secondary material such as this, its presence is never overwhelming. The crux of the book is her cool detatched writing that explores the relevant issues with an lucid eye rather than falling prey to digressions or unsupported theorizing. She likewise includes a variety of exercises, or “homework” as she deems it, at the end of each chapter calling upon the reader to further hone the skills necessary to meet their professional goals. Crafting Your Edge likewise asks readers to reflect on what they are reading and give proper consideration to the book’s concepts in an effort to deepen understanding.

The cool detached prose mentioned earlier is one of the book’s strong suits. Ivy writes with confident command of the materials at hand and readers will be reassured from the outset that they are in the hands of someone who understands the requirements and challenges facing those seeking employment in an increasingly competitive market place. The fact she pulls this off in such a short book makes it all the more inviting for readers; you won’t need to spend hours upon hours wrestling with this text during an initial reading, though its value is such you will likely feel compelled to return to Crafting Your Edge numerous times to enjoy the full measure of its worth.

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The concluding appendices are another highlight. These are, in a sense, extended versions of the exercises included throughout the main body of the book and their aims are clear. Ivy distinguishes herself during this book as a first rate thinker on the subject and her restless intellect will likely continue evolving new and results-oriented approaches to approaching the modern job market. This book doesn’t waste reader’s time with an endless fusilade of cliches and simple truths regurgitated from other texts but, instead, sets forth a thoughtful new design for approaching a timeless issue, for the modern public. Julia Ivy’s Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market is a text sure to prove quite useful to wide swath of modern job seekers and will likely remain so for some time to come.

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