Izzy Escobar drops new Single

Izzy Escobar drops new Single

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Since the very dawn of civilization, societies have looked to poets and songwriters for help, direction and guidance in all times and spirits, no matter how severe or mild. When things are at their bleakest and we’re desperately in need of some sort of hope, it’s the poets who have written of our melancholy and the songwriters who have expressed our anguish through their iconic prose set to music. There have always been these people, these angels among men if you will, and it’s hard to imagine our world without their imprint. Aspiring pop stars aren’t typically the first people that we think of when it comes to setting the standard in the world of lyricism and poetry, but songwriter Izzy Escobar seems pretty bent on changing that kind of thinking for good.

Escobar is a rising star in the indie rock community, and her polished, sleekly appointed pop ballad “Broken Wings” is getting her an awful lot of attention among both critics and fans. But the secret to her success isn’t just in the image that she puts forth, but I believe, steeped in her devotion to the lyrics. “Broken Wings” is a deeply personal song for Escobar, a child abuse survivor who prides herself in championing awareness on one of the most overlooked evils plaguing our world today. In the verse “Right here in my place all these walls suddenly disintegrate, Into dust, into here, it flies away out of the atmosphere, And I feel like I can fly with broken wings,” it becomes clear that she isn’t just singing a song – she’s bearing a part of her soul to us in the most intimate of ways a human can.

“Broken Wings” teaches us one thing above all else; that we can survive anything if we believe in ourselves and use that belief to fuel our strength and will to live. The message is an important one, and frankly one that should be more widely spread amongst people in all corners of the world. As overly confident as many of us perceive this current generation to be based on the nattering of social media, self-doubt is a lot more prevalent than anyone wants to believe. It’s unfortunate that it often takes a celebrity suicide or a high profile sexual assault case for us to even consider the impact that our own self-esteems can have on the world as we know it.

If there’s one thing that I walked away from listening to this single with more than anything else (aside from her undeniably prolific talent as a composer), it would have to be my own awe of Izzy Escobar’s excellent commitment to her craft. It’s clear that she loves music and wants to do this more than anything else in the world, and that’s more than I can say for over three quarters of the artists that I had the grave misfortune of watching perform at the Grammy’s this year. Izzy Escobar is different. She was born for this medium.

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