Heather Fay Releases Sophomore Single

Los Angeles’ Heather Fay continues to turn up the heat on her career with her sophomore single “Finally Free”. It’s the latest offering from her album Sensual, and follows her  breakthrough track “The One”. What listeners have learned so far from Fay’s body of work is that her voice bests the rest and she has a remarkable presence. “Finally Free” is smooth and telling – Fay’s on her way.

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Sounding like a singer on a mission, “Finally Free” is a ray of light mixed with assertive lyrics. A woman that is ready to be done with a man that is always on her case, watching her every move, she sings. Fay sings in many different octaves. She really creates unique dynamics with her voice and a moving music base. Both her voice and the music are majestic. She sings with the same abandonment as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey (both of her influences, by the way). The listener is given the tools to break away, and drift off into the cool breeze of a background. At times the backing music almost sounds like the tick-tick-tick of the arrivals and departure signs at a train station. It’s a neat flow and even more complimentary with Fay’s vocal prowess.

As this catharsis song continues, Fay’s voice becomes sweeter and more tender. As a listener, I was first introduced to Fay on “The One” and I felt anxious to hear this next tune. She really grows on you, her words and her singing just have this magical tone, a sense of who she is at artist. That feels very real to me. She can go from a gentle whistle to a genuine falsetto quickly and she definitely keeps things interesting. She sounds luxurious in both tracks – maybe that’s the model background coming to the surface. As a female singer, she projects confidence and likability. I think she’s approachable. I’m not saying she’s the next feminist icon, but she certainly conveys in the spirited conviction in her chorus and one line in particular, maybe one day you will finally see. I think that day is here and we’re all finally seeing how great Fay can be. Boy, that old boyfriend of hers missed the ball big time.

Her reflective nature works in this case, and her beautification of the melodies swells. With each listen the listener gets a sense of her journey and in many ways, the ‘fun’ in her voice. She’s based in L.A. now, but Fay actually grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She had a dream and she hasn’t looked back. Her press materials note that she first released “Killin’ Me” independently, and from there began getting show offers. She opened for YMCMB’s Chanel West Coast. Her next track, “Let’s Get Close” caught the attention of Paul Ring, CEO and President of Bungalo Records. Bungalo Records is part of the most powerful distribution companies in the world, Universal Music Group. Among the storied artists are Stanley Clarke, Chingy, Shanice and James Torme.

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