Gabby Gabanna Drops Single

North Carolina can boast yet another talented artist to hail from its borders. Joining the likes of Nina Simone, the funkmaster himself George Clinton, Americana trailblazer Emmylou Harris and even the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Charlotte’s emcee and pop artist Gabby Gabanna cashes in her ticket with “Ballers Club”. The Tar Heel State might be a smoldering mix of genres that often clash; the southern state has a frightfully artistic wave pool. Gabanna might have her heels dug into the life of prestige and pizzaz – “Ballers Club” is her way of shaking up the party’s champagne and lighting the match. 

What’s the biggest joy from this song? The way it makes you feel like you’re on the receiving end of a million flash-bulb clicks. The song moves with a sick beat – a conglomerate of electronica, revved sounds, sampling and roaring twinges. Gabanna is sex savvy and while I surmise this song is about living the baller lifestyle – cash, jewelry, riches and the like – you also get a glimpse that she’s got a healthy viewpoint on her sexuality. She’s confident and not going to be a wallflower. Female empowerment is inferred, but she’s not focusing too much on that idea – the beat and the tempo of the song just takes off. If you’re a fan of Ice Cube, and I’m not saying it’s identical, but in “Ballers Club” there is an addictive, impactful beat just like “You Can Do It”. It’s not easy to walk away from this song and not feel that it’s still inside you – clawing at you, daring you to keep it flowing in your mind. 

Now that you have that bounce stuck in your head, Gabanna, too lavishes an instant earworm. “Ballers Club” is exceptionally energized. To hear this song live would be a dream. Gabanna, who has opened for Black Yungsta, Key Glock, Kevin Gates, Yella Breezy, Renni Rucci and Kwondo Rhondo brings that impressive stage presence into the studio’s walls. I don’t think the walls limit her. I felt like she pounced on the listener from the first note and before you know it, you’re running alongside her like she was Rocky Balboa running through the streets of Philly. It’s sweaty and classy in one huge swoop. Gabanna is like a pugilist – taking on societal norms. I’m in awe of her presence and the way she exudes both sexuality and power. Where some might interpret as rage or explosion, Gabanna thrills with the chilling reminder that women, too, have just as much stake in the game. But everyone knows that. She’s not necessarily telling us anything new. Her version of this story sounds so much better. 

The verdict? Gabanna thrills and chills with this accelerated beat and hip hop gem. I love her energy and attitude. This is a scene that any music fan can get behind. Kudus to Gabanna for releasing a song that has the accoutrements of the old-school hip hop with the lacings of modern beats and jams. “Ballers Club” is a universal hit

Michael Rand

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