BuildaBEAST Experience 2017 is on it’s way!

In 2013, Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams created the dance company immaBEAST and dropped the first official video “Dope”. Since then, immaBEAST has become one of the leading brands, companies, and influences in the hip-hop dance world.

In the summer of 2015, Willdabeast turned the 3rd annual immaBEAST Dance Company Audition into a 5 day dance experience unlike anything else in the dance industry. Over 750 dancers from 22 countries joined him in Los Angeles to learn from some of the most influential creative directors, choreographers, and dancers in the world as well as attend panels, workshops, showcases, and much more.

In 2016 immaBEAST took it up a notch and hosted 1000 dancers from all over the world to create the most sought after dance experience in the world.

Willdabeast and his team are back again and this time around we have taken it up another notch. With a legendary lineup, an unmatched curriculum, and fun and engaging extracurricular events/activities, the BuildaBEAST Experience 2017 is sure to be an Experience once again for the record books.

After receiving rave reviews from #BABE16 we’ve made a few key changes… this year The BuildaBEAST Experience will have 3 rooms, a competition, and 2 nights of live shows!

Come and experience what the world is talking about – The most inspiring and game-changing dance experience on the planet!

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