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AV Super Sunshine channels old school glam rock through three distinct filters with the release of his new single “Orange” and the trio of mixes that it’s available in. While all three renditions of the song feature the same erudite lyricism and sense of melodic pop structure that makes the composition as alluring and translucent as it is (regardless of presentation), each mix sports a different kind of rhythm that, while strikingly conflicting, shows off the depth of songcraft that AV Super Sunshine is capable of. I had the pleasure of sampling from all three recently and was more than impressed with what I found.

The radio mix of “Orange,” like the club mix, is steeped in electropop tonality, but I find the former to have certain Europop-style texture that isn’t present in the latter. Both are quite danceable and addictively hooky, but in the case of the radio-ready “Orange,” we’re more inclined to become hypnotized by the subtle synthesizers than we are in the club version. Also worth noting is the definition within the vocal track, which is by far at its most crisp and refined here than it is in either of its two sibling singles.

Unrestricted melodicism binds the raging overdrive that powers the rock mix of “Orange,” and despite its being met with a rigid expression of percussion in the drum track, it’s the velvet-soft vocals that tend to grab the lion’s share of our affections from the moment that the music commences-forward. I hear a lot of New York Dolls here, but also a touch of Warren Zevon-like grittiness that is an inspired addition to the finished product. It’s in this version of the song that I found the lyrics to have their most dominant presence in the master mix, but they don’t overshadow the string play that frames them at all.

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Tightly produced and boasting a gargantuan bassline that isn’t satisfied unless its shoving us into submission, the club mix of “Orange” might be the most opulently designed from a cosmetic standpoint, and imparts much of the same emotionality that we find in its counterparts while provoking anyone within earshot to break out into dance. Though the radio mix is a bit more aggressive and muscular in nature, I like the highbrow equalization that AV Super Sunshine utilized in this version. It’s articulate and fashionable, but not even slightly derivative.

In listening to these different mixes in the same session, I really think we’re able to understand just how important strong songwriting is in the grander scheme of pop music as we know it. AV Super Sunshine demonstrates an incredible versatility here that most of us have come to expect out of any release bearing his zany moniker, and the punch that each version of “Orange” packs is more than potent enough to please fans of rock, pop and EDM sufficiently. No matter what sort of mood you’re in, AV Super Sunshine proves once again to be more than adept at conjuring up just the right collection of melodies, beats and purgative verses to suit the emotions you’ve currently got on the table.

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