“Are You Happy (Radio Mix)” by AV Super Sunshine

“Are You Happy (Radio Mix)” was already an evocative single prior to the release of AV Super Sunshine’s brand new video for the Candyland, Vol. 1 track, but the kaleidoscopic visuals that it presents viewers with add a context to its enigmatic lyricism that perhaps defines the narrative of the song even more explicitly than it already was. As AV has previously stated, “Are You Happy” is a lot less a party anthem and more an introspective piece that discusses the construct of happiness, and its antithesis, depression. Though anxious in design and meticulous in execution, the video for “Are You Happy (Radio Mix)” is surprisingly relaxing, as colorful as it is textured, and brimming with an optimistic opulence that could inspire a hope in most anyone feeling the burn of a stagnant funk. AV Super Sunshine is dishing out an infectious summer jam in this latest single and video, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it one of the more aesthetically provocative videos out of his scene at the moment.

OFFICLA VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xqEGaf3R1g

There are two storylines to the music video for “Are You Happy (Radio Mix),” and the first centers on AV himself, who appears to be stopping at nothing in his desire to connect with that coveted carefree lifestyle here. The second involves an animated race sequence starring Legos (because, in 2019, who else could it be?) that is actually a little more straight and focused in style. From frame to frame, there’s a jaggedness to the shots that makes everything feel really DIY and punkish, but the quality of the photography is surreally strong and inflexible. It’s the most avant-garde pop/rock video I’ve seen all year long, but it’s obvious that AV Super Sunshine wanted to keep it more palatable to casual fans than he did more serious audiophiles specifically. This gels well with the current climate in alternative music, but more importantly, it continues to push the boundaries for AV’s sonic profile. He’s not pulling any punches in this song from and instrumental standpoint, but as far as the cosmetics go, he’s doing a terrific job of giving us as many frills as he is genuine artistic substance.

DEEZER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xqEGaf3R1g

With some of the most boisterous beats you’re going to hear this summer powering up its gravity-altering grooves, “Are You Happy (Radio Mix)” didn’t need anything additional to win over the majority of music fans this June, but in classic AV Super Sunshine style, we’re treated to a smorgasbord of expression in the video for the single that critics like myself can’t seem to stop talking about all the same. His is one of the more extreme alternative hybrids that I’ve come to appreciate in the last year or so, and with the right platform to reach a larger audience, I think that this latest release could go a long way towards establishing his brand in the mainstream of American pop music. If, by chance, there is anyone doubting his songwriting chops right now, they would really do well to take a look at this track, along with all of the stellar album Candyland, Vol. 1, before making a final assessment of his powerful command of rhythm and rhyme.

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