SHAQ:MUZIK “Let Me In Your Heart Again”

SHAQ:MUZIK “Let Me In Your Heart Again”

Are you an R&B/Pop music fan? I am. Have you ever heard of SHAQ:MUZIK? I hadn’t before, but am so glad that I have been introduced to his music now. A UK singer/songwriter/producer who has just released a new single “Let Me In Your Heart Again,” SHAQ:MUZIK is a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and I am betting you will be hearing his name on radio around the world in the very near future.

Coming off the worldwide success of his last single “My One and Only Love,” this soon to be superstar makes great Pop/R&B music that is appealing to all generations, from young audiences to a more mature, sophisticated listener. This is a really rare trait coming from artists today, and a refreshing new way for this talented artist to break out and rise above the masses.

“Let Me In Your Heart Again,” is a song with an identifiable story, rekindling lost loves of the past for second chances, and the mass market commercial appeal of this single should play well around the world. Somewhat similar to Bruno Mars, not so much in sound as in identity and throwback feeling, SHAQ:MUZIK is an artist who brings his romantic ballads to the forefront, spilling his guts for all to hear, and the result is an incredibly emotional and tender song that everyone can relate to.

SHAQ:MUZIK is really making a name for himself in the world of music, specifically the R&B/Pop genres, and his music is easily recognizable with his distinctive voice, and his music stands out from all of the other artists in the industry because it is original, well produced, and his vocal ability is very strong, smooth and silky. Because of the subject matter, “Let Me In Your Heart Again” could become a classic “let’s get back together) love song that easily will be embedded on listeners minds as the soundtrack to our lives pertaining to relationships.

Listening to the new single “Let Me In Your Heart Again” as well as “My One and Only Love,” I hear a pattern of music with mass commercial appeal, subtle yet addictive, hitting the listener with understated charm. The songs are well crafted and cleverly put together, which creates the perfect pop song for all to enjoy.

I highly recommend “Let Me In Your Heart Again” by SHAQ:MUZIK as it is an essential track for music lovers everywhere, as well as for anyone who has any regrets about failed romances that they are looking to get back again. Take a trip with SHAQ:MUZIK, it is a journey you will identify with, relate to and might be the catalyst to reigniting the flames of love for you and your past, which might just create a new future. It could happen, the music is definitely that good, the rest is up to you.


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