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Anyone looking for a slice of some feel-good, lord-loving music should look no further than Randy Seedorff and his newest EP Begin Again. It’s a fitting title considering how much this album dedicates it’s time to looking back over the life of an incredibly accomplished musician who’s blended his authentic love of music and music-making, with his passion for his faith and the divinity that has helped through the toughest times in his life. Having survived a traumatic situation that could have ended his life, Randy turned his time to dedicate himself as a voice for God’s teachings and how we can all learn to love each other and have a deep appreciation for our time here on this planet.

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The album itself from the expansive and memory-filled “Family Tree” (which you can hear now on most major streaming outlets) where he beautifully recounts the love of his aunts, uncles, mothers, and fathers, and even his own child and how his heart sang at being a father is a beautifully tender moment in an album filled with tons of anecdotes and stories about the things that have filled Seedorff’s heart. Some of the tracks here are perfect for someone trying to entrench themselves in a musical experience considering some of these songs are at an epic length, perfect for someone who wants to go the extra mile and feel the power of the lord as most of the songs that are longer mainly dedicate their time to the loving power of God and what he’s meant to Randy.

There are slower jams like “The Poet” and there are more uplifting thoughtful songs like “My Maria”, both with DNA of similar music elements, but songs that feel wholly their own. His sound is part country, part bluegrass but always original. The production on the album is super clean and the songs never get static and Seedorff has an impeccable sense of escalation to all of these songs, especially for the more expressive ones that end with a fireworks level of passion. Randy founded the group Soul Purpose (great name) in 2010 and they take their time to play at Churches, festivals, and other events bringing the loves of their faith to as many people willing to listen, and the excellent part is that these songs are so good it transcends just being “Christian Rock” to be a true musical achievement in its own right.

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The album also has some incredible pacing which helps move the record along at a nice steady rhythm and the song styles are so eclectic from track to track that there’s most likely something in here for everyone who’s willing to give it a try. There might be some who without sharing this belief might be a little off-put by the idea of listening to an album with such heavy praise of their religion, but as I said, it’s hard not to admire and be won over by the sheer love that’s put into this record.

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