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Monsieur Job’s stellar record Bass Passi got the entire world of pop music talking about their highly stylized Latin sound, and now their new single “Pica Pica (featuring No Mercy and Vojke Djans) Remix” has all of us celebrating it. There’s no need to question what most of us have already concluded; there is no group inside or outside of electronica, urban pop and Latin music making bigger waves right now than Monsieur Job, and the hype surrounding their work isn’t just justified, it’s essential to the evolution of their scene. Their rivals don’t understand it, and the few detractors they’ve got never will, but I had a feeling I’d be writing another rave review for these guys before the year was out – I just couldn’t have guessed that it would be so soon.

From the very second its thunderous grooves penetrated my speakers and made their way into the throws of my heart, I was powerless to stop the sensation of magic from overwhelming my soul when I pressed play on “Pica Pica” for the first time. It moves like a cat; quietly and with immense speed when it finds something that it wants, and there’s no denying once the rhythm kicks into full gear that the object of Monsieur Job’s affections is us, and they aren’t going to stop until they have us in their pocket. There’s a synthesized quality to the production that would have been a little tinny had they not scooped the sound of the remix (something few pop producers are brave enough to do anymore).

I’d love to see Monsieur Job live sometime, if for no other reason than to find out how well their voluptuous studio sound translates onto the live stage when there’s hundreds if not thousands of people in their presence. I have a feeling that a song like “Pica Pica” might even play better in a live setting more than it would on record even, as a colorful melody like this tends to utilize the space of an open environment much better than it does a claustrophobic one like a record studio. There’s a lot of ways they could play this song live, too. Rarely is a pop single so palatable to the ear and workable to the musicians themselves; hence the likeability of this remix.

Diehard audio buffs 0 particularly those who love EDM and contemporary pop accented with Latin rhythms and finessed beats – will be hard pressed to find a more complete track released this year, though if the international pop scene continues to play to the standards that it has in the last eight months it will likely be the last hot single of the 2010s. It’s undeniably the song that urban pop fans have been waiting to hear, and it comes at a time when all of the chips are down and a new era in music is being shaped by the inventors who will eventually reign over it as royalty. I think Monsieur Job are right where they need to be, and “Pica Pica” is a good status update of what we can expect next.


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