Milanis Clark’s is Continuing To Rise

Milanis Clark’s is Continuing To RiseMilanis Clark’s continuing rise as an actor achieves a higher level with her appearance in the new theatrical production Ella: An American Miracle. The 11 year old began this meteoric phase of her career with her recent turn in Tina – The Tina Turner Musical in the role of Young Alline, Young Anna Mae’s older sister, and it’s opened the door to further opportunities. She will be sharing the stage with Broadway luminaries such as Dee Dee Bridgewater and Charity Angel Dawson portraying Fitzgerald at various points in her life.

It’s the highest peak yet in a performing journey that began at age three. She sang for appreciative patrons in local restaurants and school talent shows. By age five she began making appearances in Michael Jackson vs. Prince Collections and School House Rocks productions and further doors began opening from there. This step-by-step grounding comes courtesy of a family upbringing uniquely gifted to shepherd her talents.

Clark’s mother Yeimis’s career as a longtime professional dancer and co-founder of the nonprofit Designed 2 Dance Inc has played a pivotal role in her daughter’s development. Yeimis has enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with renowned performer Lisa Lisa of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. Toni Menage, Lisa Lisa’s longtime manager, is likewise Ckarj stepmother and the tandem of her mother and step-mother provide critical guidance for this young performer.

She’s unique for balancing the demands of theatrical performance alongside personal passions. She shares her mother’s love for dance, paints, and channels her overall high energy demeanor into quirky loves for funky glasses and her own YouTube show called “Mila Tales”. This broad-based personality is a sign of the healthy connection she shares with her work; it isn’t consuming her day and night and she’s nevertheless able to bring the full focus of her attention to each new role.

It’s a talent that’s helped her secure other important appearances as well. Milanis appeared in the recent Disney+ movie Better Nate than Never directed by Tim Federle alongside a cast including such names as Lisa Kudrow, Rubey Wood, Joshua Bassett, and Aria Brooks, among others. The young Clark has held her own with a growing list of professionals because she’s the rare child talent who can walk in the adult world of her professional life and command the necessary respect to nail coveted roles.

The Adunni Rose Talent Agency supplies the necessary final ingredient for Clark’s success. The respected professionals behind Clark’s recent push are every bit as cognizant as her family about the importance of maintaining balance in the young performer’s life and are lavishing obvious attention on connecting their young charge with the best possible roles. We can expect that to continue.

We can likewise expect Milanis Clark’s development to continue at the same exponential pace. She’s moving into an increasingly promising future with self-possession beyond her years and a true sense of joy that will touch everyone she comes into contact with. It’s a journey well worth following and, moreover, she’s will be a credit to every production she’s involved with. 

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