“Mars tugs at the human imagination like no other planet. With a force mightier than gravity, it attracts the eye to the shimmering red presence in the clear night sky”….John Noble Wilford

“The first humans to land on Mars should not come back to Earth. They should be the beginning of a build up of a colony/settlement, I call it a permanence”…Buzz Aldrin

Something edgy and unique blasted off at Mars Rocks, a celebration benefitting awareness for The Mars Society, an organization advocating the exploration and settlement of the Red planet. The Mars Society hopes to educate the government, the public and the press as to the advantages of going to Mars.

The festivities were launched with a cascade of celebrities capturing the Red Carpet including Rebecca Knox (Orange is the New Black), Laurene Landon (Airplane 2), Sean Kanan, (Karate Kid 3, General Hospital), Massi Furlan (American Crime Story), Ricky Dean Logan ( Back to the Future Part 2) Wyatt Walter (Shameless), Eugenia Kuzmina (Supermodel, Bad Moms), Stephen Perkins ( Jane’s Addiction), L. Shankar (world class violinist), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), Dave Kendrick (Devo), Ron Russell (The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell), Sohojohnny (Recording Artist), Ian Guerin (R&B Singer), Or Mash (Comedian), Yan Birch (The People Under The Stairs), Alfonso DiLuca (Jane The Virgin), and a host of others. 

The concert included some of the most iconic and epic musicians on “this” planet. Revolushn is a Psyche band from the San Francisco area. Their front man, No Mansfield has played with artists including Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, Berlin, No Doubt, and Devo. Aside from being an accomplished guitarist he is also a mad scientist and a rebellious engineer who designed the habitats for the simulated Mars housing. In other words, he created and lived in a box in the Arctic for weeks (explains a lot). His guitar solos are unprecedented. The keyboardist, his wife, Olga (Bundles) Schubert is a Russian, classically trained pianist who was a doctor in the Red army before she had to flee her country.  The drummer is none other than Devo’s Dave Kendrick, one of the best on the planet. The newest members of the band are talented lead singer Kim Aston and colorful bass player Neil Nyburg. Special guest Martianesque Eddie Spaghetti played the squeeze box throughout. All crazy, free spirited, out there somewhere, brilliantly boarder-line insane, super accomplished musical anomalies.

With song titles like, “Dark Matter”, “Spiral Galaxies”, “Sputnik” and “Further”, they certainly fit the spirit of the night. Founder of The Mars Society, scientist Robert Zubrin came up and did a song, and Scott Page also became involved in the musical madness…But they weren’t alone…During “Martian Shanty Town”, they were suddenly visited by some very flamboyant aliens who overtook the bodies of Jimmy Star and Ron Russell, TV hosts of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell. Their mission was to kill Lisa Casale, (wife of Bob Casale, original Devo member). Fortunately, the aliens returned their bodies to their rightful owners before things got messier than they already were….

Revolushn has a spontaneity unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen. They are the kind of band that you want to hang out with….. forever!

The Hailers, a popular LA, Grammy nominated band originating in the U.K. by  founder and frontman Robert Mills embraced the stage next with high powered Celtic rock n roll. This faction has heart, passion, spirit, vitality, and bursts of color throughout their songs. They also have Scott Page on Saxophone, Billy DiBlassi on drums, April Carson on bass, Lori Herek, backing vocals, Al Keith, Harlan “Spector”, and Patti Smith. Tonight also included world class vocalist, and violinist, L. Shankar, who invented the first ever 10 string, double neck, stereophonic violin, and superstar drummer Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction. After hearing all of these awe inspiring, dazzling musicians play, Earth didn’t seem such a bad place to be. 

Robert Mills has the whole package. He can sing, and can write effervescent music and lyrics. He looks great on stage, and he has a British accent. Scott Page, from Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto, and Think:EXP, proves over and over again that he’s the best saxophonist in the music industry. He has heart, life, and laughter, and everyone who hears him knows that. As a technologist Page has invented things that only Martians can comprehend, but that everyone on Earth benefits from. Stephen Perkins plays those drums with a relentless, crisp, opulence. L. Shankar has played with Frank Zappa, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, Jonathan Davis, Bruce Springsteen, and too many others to name. He will be coming out with a new album this March via Cleopatra Records, that will include collaborative tracks with Page, Perkins, and Norwood Fisher, all part of Think:EXP.

Special thanks to The Mars Society for suggesting the concert, and to No Mansfield and Robert Mills for producing it. Another thank you to all the celebrities that came out for the event, Laurene Landon in particular. We appreciate the photographers and press who came out as well as the volunteers who helped. Thank you Bill DiBlassi and Eddie Spaghetti for being super kind, Ed and Amy Jo, Lori Herek for helping us set up. Thank you Sohojohnny and Nino for coming from New York to support, and to Ron Russell for putting up with Jimmy and myself all these weeks.

Photos By Stacie Walter from Time 2 Remember https://www.t2rclicks.com

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